tips on how to take the perfect photo with your iphone

Have you ever wanted to take a really good photo to show your friends? Well now you can!

After reading this "how to" article you will be filled with tips and tricks of how to take your best photo yet!

Taking presentable photos has always been important to me. I love photography and I know that the iPhone is an incredibly easy device to understand and anyone can use it. It is great for taking quick pictures or standing awhile to get the perfect angle. I know a few quick tips on how to get a result just as good as a picture taken on a professional camera while using a small portable cell phone.

If you are attempting to take a photo of something that is a little too far, then don't try to take the photo and crop it after and have the picture come-out blurry. That will just make things worse. Instead, to have the photo come out clear, take a normal picture but zoom in first. This will have your picture come out much clearer than if you were to crop it afterwards. Although some may think that cropping photos is better, zooming in before taking the picture is better.

before vs after

If your are trying to take an action shot while everything is moving around, use burst mode on your camera app. To use burst mode you would take the photo like a normal shot but instead of pressing the camera button once, you should hold the button down then let go. This will take many photos at once (somewhat like a video) and catch shots quicker that you wouldn't have been able to before.

You can use HDR mode for certain pictures that have a bright setting but also has a dark part in the picture (for example a sunset over a dark ocean or mountain). This makes the picture better because it doesn't have either the light or dark side take control over the photo.

Press down on the screen to hold focus on whatever you are trying to focus on. This makes the picture clearer on the spot that you want it to be and makes the phone only focus on that object or image instead of the backdrop.

If you are trying to take a quick shot of something that goes by or disappears very quickly, don't waste time opening your phone and missing the chance to get a good photo! You can use the easy shortcut on the home screen of your phone. If you simply just swipe to the left on your lock screen it will bring you right to your camera app without your phone actually being unlocked.

If the setting you are in is too bright or too dark and you want to take a good picture, then you can make your photo darker or lighter in seconds! All you need to do is before you take your picture, open your camera app to the screen where it views whatever you are trying to take a picture of and press down on the screen for a few seconds. A yellow dot will pop up with a box next to it. You can use that dot (by scrolling up and down) to control the brightness of your photo before you even take it!

If you are taking a photo and are wanting to use it for a frame or a social media that has a certain frame for the image in the feed, it is much easier to use the settings in the camera app that matches the frame of whatever you are trying to fit it for. The settings that alter the shape of the photo are located just above the shutter button in the app and you can scroll back and forth to change the shapes of your photos. For example, if you planing to post a picture on Instagram and you want to have the photo fit the frame for the Instagram feed, then you can switch the setting to "square".

I think these tips are sure to work for just about everyone. You should follow these tips to get a better picture out of anything. I know these tips work on my photos and I'm sure they will work for you too.

By Martina Franck

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