Lawyer April Robles

What is a Lawyer? A Lawyer is a person who studies or practices studies law

A lawyer needs Good communication skills,judgment,Analytical skills,Research skills,People skills,Perseverance,And creativity.

Education- If you want to be a lawyer you have to take 7 years of higher education.Four years of college degree and Three years of law school.All lawyer usually have to be on top of their class.At the end will have to take the bar examine.You'll also need a Doctoral or professional degree to be a lawyer
Salary and Wage

It depends if you the best or your just normal. For example if your the best lawyer your going to be paid well like at least 187,200 per year ,while the low paid usually earn 55,870 per year which is not bad.

Work time-As a brand new lawyer you work more than a person who has been in the firm for the most 20 years.Also depending what type of lawyer are you,you may work 70 hours per week.

Typical day-A typical day for most lawyer is doing a lot of research,writing,studying,phone calls with clients,Court appearance ,and meeting with clients.

What are the benefits of being a lawyer?

Earning potential-Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the legal industry and most attorneys earn salaries well above the national average.Transferable Skills-Even if i don't do law it,i still have a lot opportunity t be in other careers for example,legal consulting,management,writing,mediation,and etc.Being a lawyer has it's perk like traveling.

Training you need to become a lawyer-you really don't need any training to become a lawyer.

What are some colleges that i would love to attend to-Yale university,Harvard University,Stanford University,Columbia university,University of Chicago,New York University,

The two collages i really would love to attend to,is Columbia university even though the it's really expensive.It would really help on my journey and i did a research and most of the people who are their to became a lawyer made it.

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