Cultures @ou One of my mother's friends once told me that her father used to say that there are two types of people: the ones who cause problems and the ones who solve them. Gautham has shown me how he is someone who solves problems.

Gautham is currently a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. He is originally from Bangalore, India and is part of the UWC Scholars program at OU. He was an orphan until he was adopted by Anuradha, his mother. When he was fifteen he applied for the United World Colleges (an international boarding school for students who seek an unscholarship and received it when he was 16. He studied high school in Norway, and received a scholarship for the University of Oklahoma.

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"It's been my childhood dream to become a doctor"

He is currently majoring in Biology and is thinking about studying medicine. He told me that this desire is probably related to his society, but also it is a respectable job and he likes to help people and bring smiles to them.

Gautham studying biology in the library
"I like OU a lot. It is very diverse and different from what I expected it to be. The things I like about OU is the sense of community that is embellished in the college. [...] that is very important for me because as an international student [...] is important to feel as home"
The benches at the South Oval are Gautham's favorite spot on campus. He likes to go and sit whenever he has time to relax.
He is currently living in the Adams Tower----- change to traditions, maybe one of him hanging at the pool?
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"He is my boyfriend Britt, you should take a picture of us because he never likes to take pictures together"

It has been hard for Gautham to maintain a relationship with his mother because of his sexuality. She accepts him but because of her culture it has been hard to get used to it. She has told him that people will not appreciate all his accomplishments because of being homosexual. However, Gautham knows that she loves him and that she supports him no matter what.

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"She tries to be accepting but it is hard because of Indian culture"

(Picture of Gautham with things from India or with his mother)

Dancing to Bollywood songs is one of Gautham's favorite hobbies

Gautham dancing to "1,2,3,4 Get on the Dance Floor"
Gautham is thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to him and hopes to graduate from OU to make his mother proud.

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