Day of the Forests 21 of march

Forests cover 30% of the planet this is important to humans because forests and plants consume co2 and produce oxygen.

Deforestation in Malaysia

In 100 years their will be no forests left with no forests there will be no way to produce oxygen.

Every minute a football field of forest is cut down

Did you know the Amazon creates 20% of the worlds oxygen

In the next 25 year 28,000 species are expected to become extinct with out certain species the food chain will collapse.

Proboscis monkey

The reason that the intonational day of forests is important is to inform people about how important forests are important to humans.

Huge rainforests like the amazon can have huge effects on the weather or make there on microclimate.

The UN have certain activities on the 21 such as tree planting and other communal activities.

On average one American uses 317.515 kilograms of paper each year which means many football of forests need to be cut down to meet this demand.


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