Bell Ringers "Sponge Activities"

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to explain what a bell ringer is and identify the purposes and benefits of them.
  • Students will be able to apply their knowledge of bell ringers to their own construction of lesson plans.

What is a Bell Ringer?

  1. People who live in steeples and notify the town when church is in session
  2. Things for a student to discuss with peers while the teacher plays solitaire
  3. Short exercises that students complete while the instructor attends to attendance and other administrative chores
  4. Activities the students can choose to do if they have nothing else to do and the teacher doesn't want to teach

Benefits of bell ringers

Purpose of bell ringers

  1. To provide a "get ready to learn" attitude
  2. Transition students from the hallway to the classroom
  3. To issue a "hook" for the objective(s) of the day

How would you use bell ringers in your classroom?

Share Your Results

Do you know any websites that offer activities that can be used for bell ringers?

Quiz Time

What is another name for bell ringers?

What is one of the purposes of a bell ringer?

List three benefits of using bell ringers

Give an example of a bell ringer

By show of fingers, how likely are you to use bell ringers in your own classroom?

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