National Student's Day February 28

This should be a national holiday because brain breaks help kids relax and do better. This will especially relax kids after all that stressful testing.
We will celebrate this day because it will help kids relax, remember things, and improve multi-task things.
Every year 1.2 students drop out of high school.
If we give student some fun and activity maybe they won't drop out as much. Also, this will help kids for school in many ways.
Things that brain breaks improve for students.
Students with recess and exercise are ready to learn after all of it.
Energizing bursts of activity that boost blood flow, send oxygen to the brain, and help kids in school.
Breaks make the mind clear, easier to learn, amd to focus.
Exercise helps the brain.
Sitting down for long periods of time without getting exercise actually sets kids back by them losing attention span and not learning as well.
Advantages of brain breaks.
Brain breaks help kids retain information. They also help increase students' on-task behavior.
Brain breaks also help the amount of physical activity they get so it is a win-win.
Movement actually increases brain function.
Kids with more activity and exercise do better in school than most.
Brain breaks and this holiday would help students everywhere for a little relax time. It can help students later in school and ready for the second part of testing later.

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