Surgeons "Pain Point" by Donovan Baumgardner

In the Medical Field a Surgeon is a doctor who performs operations that involve cutting into someones body to remove or repair someones damaged or diseased parts.

Now being a surgeon is a very tough job. You are in charge of a person's life and you have little room for error at all times. This is why advances in this field would save lives and reduce risks. Researchers and technical workers have made strides in this field to help Surgeons with their job.

The button above talks about a robot developed in Hong Kong that is capable of single-incision and natural orifice robotic surgery. The system is said to lower risk of trauma and is currently the safest robotic systems.

The buttons below are other ways researchers plan to help surgeons and improve their work.

Robotic Surgery

Why Surgery?

I was Interested in the Idea of Robotic Surgery. The Concept that a machine can save a persons life with 100% succession.


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