More jams for the jamless.

BTS returned with another revolutionary mini album, now filled with 9 brand new jams made, mixed and arranged specially with golden hands and is brought by to you by the one and only BigHit Entertainment. Smashing the charts, In The Mood for Love pt.2 is the fifth best-selling album of 2015 in South Korea.

In The Mood for Love pt.2 is an album that, as stated by Fuse, "Look to express different points of youth, and Pt. 2 encompasses the moment that a young adult is beginning to think about the world in more complex ways than "I love you" or "I hate you"—something their fanbase will soon experience, too."

9 New Jams for You

BTS have loaded the album with 9 new jams just for you. Each track different from the other and revolving in a variety of genres. From hip hop to ballads and so on. All jams including:

1. INTRO: Never Mind

INTRO: Never Mind is a powerful hip hop track written and produced by Suga and Slow Rabbit. It is a deep song that's lyrics talks about Suga's his way as an artist and the success he found together with his group mates, BTS. The beautiful lyrics will move you through the song with the slow piano that accompanies you behind the song.

2. Run

Run, as the leading single of the album, is a hopeless love song like I NEED U from their last album, In The Mood for Love, pt.1. Run is filled with deep lyrics revolving around the waste of youth and hopeless romantics. This song could say so many things, from 'you must go on' to 'find your soul'. As expected from Bangtan, 'youth' is the main focus.

3. Butterfly

Butterfly is a song about hopeless love. The lyrics tell about how a man is scared to lose his beautiful 'butterfly', he adores the 'butterfly' like it's no ther but he is scared that it'll fly away from him and that every touch could lead him to losing his 'butterfly'.

4. Whalien 52

Whalien 52 is a song revolving around the iconic 52-hertz whale or is also known as the 'loneliest creature in the world' as to the whale is technically suffering in isolation due to her abnormality. Whalien 52 is a sad upbeat song that tells the story of the iconic 52-hertz whale that's voice couldn't reach the ears of other whales.

5. Ma City

Ma City is a song talking about how all BTS members are all currently in Seoul but they were from cities far from Seoul. Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, Gyeonggi, etc. you name it. How they were all from any city except Seoul but ends up together in one page at Korea's capital city, Seoul and finds success there.

6. 뱁새 Silver Spoon

뱁새 (Baep-sae), or also known as Silver Spoon or Crow Tit, is a song that revolves around the Korean saying “If a crow-tit walks like a stork, it will tear its legs", 뱁새 are people that ruin themselves to imitate others who are better than them. 뱁새 is a hip hop influenced song that talks about how baep-saes won't need to 'tear their legs' to be in a higher place in society.

7. SKIT: One Night In a Strange City

SKIT: One Night In a Strange City is not a song, oddly. A skit, according to Google definitions, is a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing and that is exactly what this piece is. This is a recording of the BTS members chatting around and just having fun. It might sound worthless, but give it a listen, it's a pleasant time listening to their conversation.

8. 고엽 Autumn Leaves

고엽 Autumn Leaves, could have been a metaphor for fleeting love. But no. Yet, it features smart, heartbreaking lyrics of 'rotting memories' and how the BTS members want to make a relationship 'fly' despite the relationship falling and falling down—like autumn leaves.

9. OUTRO: House of Cards

Somewhat like INTRO: Never Mind, OUTRO: House of Cards is a heartfelt song that talks about the struggles, pains, and worries of being young and successful. This could be one of their most honest performances by far; it may sound like a cry of help at times.

Photo book and album all in one place - in two colors!

In The Mood for Love, pt.2 has been designed such a way that the album also could pass as a book. Yes, a book. The pages were designed as a photo book filled with photos of the BTS members.

The cover itself is also designed in such way it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also calming with flower petals and butterflies peeking from the background, bringing a beautiful calm feel to the album.

Not just that, the album itself comes in two colors; peach and blue. Both loaded with the same tracks, photo book, and photo card.

Random Photo Card Gift

As a gift from BTS, this album has been loaded with one free random autographed photo card as an extra. All photo cards are limited only for this album and is autographed and taken by the BTS members themselves. Get yourself a chance to get an official autographed photo card of your favorite BTS member!

"A mixed bag of emotions" -Billboard, 2015

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