HARNessing the Good Life. by: Abyson kalladanthyil

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Seeing this Photograph of Frida Kahlo in person was very significant because I was able to see the expressions on her face and the features of her appearance that she so desperately attempted to paint in her self portraits.

I was able to see her fascination with her own unique beauty and her inspiration for her own masterpieces. In this piece called "Frida Looking Into Mirror", the photographer, Lola Alvarez Bravo, captures intimate and private moments of Kahlo. A streetcar once knocked Kahlo down and had caused major injuries and pains that led her to be bedridden for some time. Kahlo believed this had caused her to have two sides, her dead one and her alive one.

This picture captures two images of Frida and their uniqueness but also symbolizes her inner duality and conflict. This artwork made me feel reflective and it allowed me to understand more about Frida Kahlo and how she thought. It communicated the darkness behind her beautiful artwork.

Design of the Museum

I really enjoyed the Design and Aesthetic appeal of the "Ceramics: Avenues of Exchange" exhibit.It had a very minimalistic approach, which helped keep the artwork at the center of attention. The floors were wooden as well as the shelves and cabinets that housed the Ceramic art. There were also large windows nearby and a great deal of natural light, which was different from other parts of the Museum. This helps give it a more natural and calm look and feel. This further emphasizes the ceramics as the focal points and show them as the masterpiece.

Art and Core Values

This sculpture by George T. Lopez, called "Archangel Raphael", appealed to my core values to a great extent. I am a Catholic and so I have knowledge of who Raphael the Archangel is and the symbolic nature he has in the bible and in Christianity in general. Raphael represents healing and I believe that everyone's true calling is to help those around them. It can be in different ways but the way to live in the world and coexist with one another is to aid each other and heal them in regards to any anguishes they may be feeling or illnesses they may have. This sculpture is also carved out of wood, which presents a very natural feeling. Thus symbolizing that healing is the way of nature and we are all put on this earth to help others. This evokes very hopeful emotions from me. I am very glad that others have felt this way, to such an extent, that they decide to immortalize it through art, in order to always communicate this essential idea.

Art and the Good Life

In this Graphic Art by Rafael Tufino, called "Plate 6, Coffee Portfolio", Tufino depicts a celebration of song, dance and community. This evokes themes of celebrating the Good Life. These Puerto Ricans are celebrating their culture through their traditional island instruments and enjoying their time with family and their community. The people are not really wealthy, but are happy with what they have. They have prioritized what is important in their life (family, friends, community) and spend their time enjoying those priorities. It shows how simple life is for these people and how the materialistic wealth and possessions are not of concern to them, they are able to truly celebrate the Good Life, because they are not bogged down with the pressures and negativities of materialistic wealth.


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