The Closest Call By Emma Wussow


It was October 13th, 2003. At the military camp, men trained long and hard. Their drained faces made General Michael satisfied. Sweating, the soldiers started to wander off, to line up for food, and get sips of water from water bottles. One small boy had the dream of one day being one of those hard working heroes.

October 14th, 2003

8 year old Jordan sat, staring at the wall with his bright blue eyes. Not just any wall or any PART of the wall, but the particular part of the wall with the clock.Tick tock, repeated the clock. As if it could go any slower it seemed to him. Sitting in classroom #308, the third grade classroom, he sometimes daydreamed, because, well, what ELSE can you do when your at school and you’re bored? Some days, counting how many stitches on his trousers. Some days guessing the area of the blackboard. Ring! That sound was music to Jordan’s ears. The whole class got up at once. As Jordan opened the school doors, the breeze rushed at him, making his short brown hair sway to one side. Once outside, Jordan and his friends, Jeremy and Allen, walked home together, as usual.

“Did you see that live stream at the military camp? It was on last night, and my dad let me watch it. It was so cool!” Allen’s excited face made Jordan want to laugh.

“Yeah! My mom only let me watch part of it, though. I had football practice.” He felt bad for Jeremy.

“I think they’re awesome! They’re like heroes, and I’m going to be like them when I get bigger and stronger”, noted Jordan.

“See you guys later!” he called as they parted at the intersection.

“Bye!” Jeremy and Allen called as they walked the rest of the way, in the opposite direction.

December 12th, 2005

Jordan kept on dreaming about being in the military one day. I’m going to save America one day he thought as he lay in bed one night, as the snow clouded outside his window.

June 29th, 2008

Still, Jordan wanted to join the military and, by this age, his knowledge about war had grown.

July 26th, 2017

Jordan worked hard, after joining the army. He trained, lifted weights, and obeyed the general’s commands. Jeremy and Allen, were also recruits for the US Military. Happy to still be with his friends, Jordan helped his friends work out and learn commands.

“MARCH” commanded General Henry, new general of the military. You could hear their footsteps start to hit the ground in unison. Among them, Jordan marched, proud to be a soldier. He was young to be in the military, because he didn’t finish college. But, fighting for his country was what Jordan always dreamed of doing. Now, having to go and fight out of the US, he was a mix of excited, and nervous, as most would be. Jordan was strong and brave, the perfect person to be part of the representation of the USA.

July 27th, 2017

The next day, Jordan awoke as usual. He took his packed bags, uniform and other essentials, and headed to the airport. Jordan met some of his friends there, and they checked in through security, and dropped off their luggage. Jordan and two other friends that he knew went to wait for their flight.

“Now boarding flight 54. Boarding flight 54,” a woman attendant said over the airport loudspeaker.

“Flight 54,that’s us”, Jordan said to his friends.

On the plane, Jordan sat with Allen, and in front of Jeremy. They had packed lightly for the trip because they only needed things that were necessary. Needs included: Brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, flashlight, batteries, phone, uniform, boots, one set of normal clothes, water bottle, and some snacks. Also, a couple books. Jordan sat in the window seat, Allen at his left. He sat limply, staring out into the clouds below them. They looked like endless puffs of smoke coming from chimneys from houses in a large neighborhood. There was a ding and the attendant started to talk.

“Thank you for flying on the Rosemark Airline, please use it again. Enjoy your stay here in Basra, Iraq. Right now the temperature is 40 degrees fahrenheit, the time 3:00 o’clock. Our flight will now be descending. I am a member of the airline crew, and we are happy to serve you.Once again, enjoy your stay.” .

Jordan and the others got off the plane and Jeremy rubbed his ears.

“Ughhhh” he said, “My ears hurt”.

“Mine do to”, Jeremy rubbed his ears. “Let’s, go find the camp, and meet up with the other guys. They walked, using a map to navigate, and found the site, in a clearing. Jackson, a young recruit, was lugging a cooler full of steaks and seasoning to a spot where 2 other men were starting up a grill. Later, once everyone got their food, the men started to dig in. The steaks with salt and pepper were great. Soon the sun began to set.The soldiers unpacked, and got some rest, because tomorrow was the big day.

July 28th, 2017

The men at the camp geared up for war. 2 scouts were sent out to look for enemies. Each tent was a team, and would get special assignments from the General. Jordan and his team walked out onto the field nearby.

August 15th

About 2 and a half weeks had passed, and Jordan and his team had handled their scouting work well. Their final patrol shift would be tomorrow, then home on a plane they would go.

August 16th

The sun was rising, and the smell of eggs and bacon filled each tent, luring the men out of their sleeping bags. A good breakfast was served. Juice dripped down Jordan’s chin as he bit into a big, red apple. Once they finished eating, they went out for their final check. Jordan stepped out to the blazing sun, enjoying the gentle breeze. He went further down, through the grass. Suddenly, he heard a click. He knew that sound. A bomb. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he was standing on a bomb.

“HELP!” Jordan began to sweat. “Tell everyone back at camp thank you”. Time seemed to slow down, but his mind and fears seemed to be going at hyper speed. Might as well just get it over with, he thought, calculations running around in his head like wild animals. How painful could it really be? Panic closed up his throat and he could barely breath. He made his decision. And he lifted up his foot. Another small click. He braced himself. Nothing happened. If anything, the birds chirping got louder.

“What’s going on, Jordan? What happened?” Concerned faces surrounded him.

August 17th

The men stayed one more day to look for bombs in the field, to keep everyone around safe. They dug up the place where Jordan claimed there was a bomb, and indeed there was. It looked fine, looked working, but for some reason, it didn’t blow. They dug up many other intact bombs.

August 18th

On the plane home, Jordan thought about how lucky he had been. That was a close call, he thought to himself.

The End

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