My life in the Great Depression By alaina conway

The Great Depression challenged me and many other Americans in some hardships that were unbearable. My Parents became to stressed with how us kids were suffering from sickness that my parents starting fighting and then thats when soon enough they got a divorce. Our homes started to become crowded from having other families stay with us and that caused more sickness to be spread.

For me it was a time of hardship and challenge. There was barely enough food at home to feed everyone. I left home, my home life was boring with poor living conditions and I just wanted to adventure. Some of my friends left without telling there parents and others escaped out of the house overnight.

This is a representation if how we escaped on these trains.

The Dust Bowl happened during this hard time for my family. Dust particles blew everywhere on our farm throughout Northern Texas, South-Western Oklahoma and Kansas. Living during this Dust Bowl was the most horrendous thing I could have ever seen.

The horrific Dust Bowl affected 100,000,000 acres of land including my own farm at home. The Dust Bowl forced my family to leave, we had Dust particles coming through cracks in out walls and it was clogging our ears, noses, and mouths up. It was an awful feeling.

Later after everything had passes we learned that the poor agricultural practices and years old of sustained drought caused the Dust Bowl to happen. Due to the lack of rain everything was so dry. I can remember my eyes even feeling so dry when opening and blinking. It was an awful sight to see.

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