UF Academic & Professional Assembly Building a community of staff across the university

The mission of the UF Academic and Professional Assembly is to enrich the professional lives of UF staff by fostering an inclusive community through advocacy, education, and recognition.

We are an official UF organization, sponsored by Human Resources.

Members of APA include all TEAMS employees on the TA12, TA10, TA09, and TU2E pay plans, and all career faculty who are not members of the University of Florida Faculty Senate.

We offer multiple opportunities for APA members to get more involved - serving in leadership roles, assisting with committee/project work, and acting as representatives.

Why should you get involved?

Serving on a the board is an opportunity to contribute your talents toward APA's mission of building a community of staff across the university, to further develop specific skills, and to meaningfully connect with your peers.

Hear from current and past board members:

Interested in a leadership role or committee?

We anticipate that 2020-2021 leadership positions and committees will revolve around the functional areas below. (Bold indicates an elected role.)

  • Outreach and engagement chair
  • New staff
  • Liaison network and partnerships
  • Outreach to members outside of Gainesville
  • Program development chair
  • Networking
  • Wellness
  • Community service
  • Communications chair
  • Social media (Facebook)
  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Strategic planning
  • Advocacy
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The outreach and engagement chair will lead efforts to connect with and engage APA members across campus and beyond, to develop a network of liaisons/representatives, and to partner with other organizations.

The program development chair will lead efforts to develop programming to best serve members/ needs, and to coordinate program logistics.

The communications chair will lead public relations, marketing, and digital media efforts for APA, including the website, social media, newsletters, etc.

The secretary and treasurer will lead administrative functions, such as taking notes at board meetings, tracking budget and costs, etc.

Want to serve as an APA representative for your department/unit/college?

We need you!

If you don't have the capacity to take on a leadership role or serve on a committee/project at this time, but would like to get more involved, that's ok! Think of representatives as our street team, minus passing out flyers or tabling. We need representatives to assist with the grassroots effort to connect with more APA members across campus, and beyond.


APA leaders are motivated, and drive our organization's success by contributing to our strategy. Those in leadership positions are expected to work towards the year's goals, to attend multiple APA events per semester, to fulfill duties as outlined in our bylaws, and to represent APA in their department/unit/college.

Committee members support chair positions by contributing their skills and expertise on specific projects and areas. You'll have expanded opportunities to give ongoing feedback on programming and initiatives. By serving as a committee member, you'll have the opportunity to contribute at a higher level, potentially paving your way to higher-level leadership roles in APA in the future. Committee members commit to serving on the board for one year, to represent APA in their department/unit/college, and to attend two APA events per semester.

Representatives are the foundation for APA - they connect with staff in their own area, share APA opportunities, and represent their department/unit/college's voice within APA. Representatives commit to serving on the board for one year, and to attend one APA event per semester.

Ready to connect?

If you are interested in serving in a non-elected leadership capacity, on a committee or project, or as a representative, please submit your interest form.

The nominating committee, president, and president-elect will review submissions and follow-up with interested members.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your interest, please contact: Krista Vaught (current president) and/or Corina Velasquez (president-elect). We would be glad to chat with you about how you can become more engaged with APA, and what that could look like based on your interests and availability.

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