London Watch your head!

(Introduction pasted here.) London is a thriving metropolis in England. In addition to its modern amenities, London contains many historic places holding juicy secrets from the past. If you are thinking of taking a trip, London is a great place to travel. Since London is a great place to travel, learning about this city is important (fascinating, fun). Read on to find out about Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, and the Crown Jewels, some of London's fantastic sites.
(Heading 1) Westminster Abbey

London is one of the most historic cities in the world. My favorite place to see is Westminster Abbey. All of the famous kings and queens are buried there. You can find the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I, King Edward, and Mary Queen of Scots. There is also the Coronation Chair, where all of the kings and queens have been sworn in for hundreds of years. The royal wedding between Prince William and Princess Kate also took place there.

(Heading 2) Tower of London

The Tower of London is also an amazing place to visit. You start by passing through a door that was made almost 1,000 years ago! When you enter, you see many rooms and towers. In one tower, you can see 600 year old graffiti from priests imprisoned for not changing their religion.

Mystery and Mayhem

You can also go into the tower where two young princes are thought to have been murdered in the 1400's so they could not inherit the throne. King Henry VI went crazy and was imprisoned in the tower for his "safety." The heir to the throne (his son) and his friends suffocated him, so he could become king.

Terrible Torture

The Torture Room is the next place to enter. You can see all of the contraptions used to torture prisoners over the years. Nearby is the tower that houses armor and weapons. King Henry the Eighth's armor is very large (since he was too).

Rubies and Diamonds and Emeralds, oh my!

The Crown Jewels are another fan favorite at the Tower of London. You can see the crowns and jewels of most of England's most famous rulers. The rubies, diamonds, and emeralds shine as you enter the door.

Off with her head!

Tower Green has a more ominous feeling. Here, prisoners were executed for many people to come and see. There is a plaque where King Henry the Eighth had his wives beheaded.

(Conclusion) Traveling to London is sure to intrigue and fascinate any tourist. Even if you don't have enough money for a plane ticket, it never hurts to do some research (Just watch your head!)!


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