MamMa Mia! By Ava and Anna 7C

Table of Contents

  1. What is a musical?
  2. Why did we chose Mamma Mia?
  3. What is Mamma Mia?
  4. Producers
  5. What is the 'story' of Mamma Mia?
  6. Characters and cast
  7. Musical theatre productions
  8. What Songs?
  9. Analysis
  10. Conclusion

What is a Musical?

  • A musical is a living art form.
  • A play or a film which singing and dancing (music) take part in.
  • The Musicals developed from light opera in the early 20th century.
  • People watch musicals becuase
  1. Catchy music in a popular style
  2. Solo songs, duets, choruses…
  3. Orchestra or band accompaniment
  4. Spoken Dialogue
  5. Dance sequences, stage spectacles, magnificent costumes…

Why we did choose Mamma Mia?

  • We have both seen the movie and the musical
  • It teaches morals that everyone can learn
  • It teaches you that you should watch out for others but also watch out for yourself at the same time
  • It teaches you to follow your dreams
  • We grew up watching this
  • It shows a strong female role model

What is Mamma Mia?

  • Around ABBA songs
  • Who is ABBA?
  • Where?


  • Composers
  • When?
  • What?

What is the "story" of Mamma Mia?

  • Sophie is getting married
  • 3 possible dads
  • Rosie and Tanya
  • Harry Bright
  • Bill Austin
  • No marriage for Sophie
  • Sam Carmichael and DonnaSheridan

Characters and Cast:

Donna Sheridan played by Meryl Streep

Sophie Sheridan played by Amanda Seyfried

Sky played by Dominic Cooper

Sam Carmichael played by Pierce Brosnan

Bill Austin played by Stellan Skarsgård

Harry Bright played by Colin Firth

Rosie played by Julie Walters

Tanya played by Christine Baranski

In the musical productions.



How Long?


What Songs?

  • Mamma Mia
  • Waterloo
  • Super trooper
  • Voulevo
  • Take a chance on me
  • SOS
  • Dancing Queen
  • Knowing me Knowing your
  • Money Money
  • The Winner Takes It All


  • Money Money

What is Money, Money, Money about?

  • Little Money
  • How much she has given up
  • Compromise
  • Single Mom
  • Rich Husband
  • Works but gets nothing
  • BPM: 120
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Key: A minor
  • Instrument: Voice ( alto as main and choir for descant ),
  • Piano,
  • Guitar
  • Briskly Disconnected
  • Middle notes
  • Tied quavers
  • Quarter Rests
  • Half Rests
  • Eighth Rests
  • Treble and Bass Clef
  • Soft ( some places )
  • Moderately soft ( other places )

The Winner Takes it All

  • Instruments used:
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Vocals ( alto or soprano )
  • Time signature: 4/4
  • BPM: 126
  • Key: F Sharp (#F)
  • Style: Dancehall
  • Quarter rests
  • Middle Notes
  • Harmonies
  • Crotchets, Minims, and Quavers with extension dots
  • Tied Minims, Crotchets and Quavers,

In Conlusion:

  • Although we watch the moive and musical “Mamma Mia! multiple times we learned new things about it while we were researching
  • We were quite surprised when we wrote the musical analysis, and we were analysing the songs since there was quite a lot of information we never knew, like for example there were so little instó,nets used in both of our songs, I guess less is more.
  • When writing the plot we were worried about spoilers and spoiling it for everyone else. But it was pretty easy plot wise once we got past all of that.
  • We all contributed fairly in this presentation since Anna had 4 parts to search on her own and Ava had another 4 parts to search, and then the rest of the slides we both wrote a bit information and worked together.
  • We double checked for our musical analysis and looked on many different s reliable websites and we also tested if the time signature was right with a metronome

Ava's Reflection

I have had so much doing this presentation, I now know so much more about my favorite muscial. I didn't know that this was filmed in Greece and the whole story behind goes so much deeper and the songs have so much more meaning than I thought. It was really interesting to do deep. In this presentation I think I relate to a cimmunticator when I'm standing up and speaking information of everyone trying to get my ideas across and when working with a partener you have to be able to communicate because how are you going to work together? I also think I am an inquirer becuase before this I thought I knew almost everything about mamma Mia and the story line but I was only scratching the surface and I dug deep to find new information and how much this story linked to me and what I have in common subliminally.

Anna's Reflection

During the making of this presentation, me and Ava have worked well together since we both had equal amount of work to do. On my opinion, it was quite easy for me to find the information and know it was right since the sources was really reliable. We also worked hard on our analysis since sometimes we couldn't find the information we needed, but achieved it by searching more and more. It was also quite difficult to find the right definition for what a musical is, but bit by bit we found it. Overall, I was being an inquirer because I kept asking questions to make sure the information was right. To sum it all up, me and my partner had great teamwork and was able to find the right information we needed, especially when it was hard to find it.

Thank You For Watching

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