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Providing mentors to first generation learners, of underprivileged and difficult communities towards employment,empowerment and eventually a better quality of life
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Learn about the program, from our students !

Who are we?

We are a group of dreamers and doers from under resourced colonies in India.

We are the first generation of our families to go to school.

We are working towards going to college next, in the upcoming academic year !

We are dreaming of being the first ones in our families who would dare to pursue a career and a life designed by our passion,our informed choices and not by our limited realities.

What is the purpose of this program?

To enable us to reach our vision by creating an 'Ecosystem of Support' for us.

Ecosystem of Support

= A group of 'Mentors+Sponsors', who would bring knowledge, skills and resources from the world into our current limited realities, thus bridging the inequities of many forms.

We are currently looking for Mentors & Sponsors to build this Ecosystem of Support
  • Are you passionate about any particular field and would be interested in sharing your knowledge & skills with us?
  • Would you be interested in guiding us towards our college education ?

Then wait no more !!

Have a look at some of our SUCCESS STORIES!

Record Breaking Boards Results

  • Our class average-87% [highest in any government school in the South Delhi Zone]
  • Highest percentage in the batch-98%

All of us have cleared the entrance tests of our dream schools for pursuing our Higher Secondary Education

We have been selected for Presidential Awardscoaching programs, NITI AAYOG programs, fellowships and many other celebrated opportunities.

The One Man Show

A shy and quiet kid, Karan, transforms into a Rapper who wants to use the medium of rap for Social Activism. He writes, composes, directs, choreographs, records,video tapes,edits and produces his music all by himself!

From a passion to a profession

Moushumi has always been a creative kid. She has been experimenting with craft for years now. "I am the happiest when I am building objects that can be both used and decorated". With the intention of pursuing this as her career she has launched a YT Channel



  • We feel privileged to have a very invested set of individuals and organisations on board with us as our Mentors and Sponsors.They have mentored us in various fields and shown us a world that we would have otherwise not seen.
  • Career Counselling
  • 21st Century Communication
  • Acting & Theater
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • How to prepare for entrances
  • The world of Administrative services, to name a few.
We are ever grateful and indebted to you and all our other mentors & sponsors for supporting us selflessly and showing us the right path always.
Have you ever, at any point in your life, desperately looked for a savior ? Look at these faces.They have been our saviors in our toughest times and we don't even have enough words to convey our gratitude to them!
You can also be a part of our 'Ecosystem of support'
How can you support us , as MENTORS ?

You could provide us with exposure on:

  • Different career options that are available in the world, which we are not aware of in our limited realities.
  • Various resources like websites and learning platforms that can help us with our current 12th grade curriculum in all the three streams [Arts/Commerce/Sci].
  • Various resources that can help us in taking entrance exams after the 12th grade.
  • Different skills that would help us in our journey into the real world.
  • The best colleges and institutions to pursue our target career discipline and associated details [ranking, faculty, tuition fees, placement etc.] about them
  • The financial instruments like scholarships,educational loans,sponsorship etc. that we can avail to pursue our target career discipline.
How can you support us, as sponsors ?
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