Real Estate Price Discovery Platforms structured price negotiation + Early look at future listings

The Future Of Real Estate Buying

Two Platforms : for residential properties and for commercial properties

Real Estate Options: The Platforms allow sellers to list options on their properties. The buyers are able to buy options (most of them being inexpensive) on multiple properties and decide later on the option they want to exercise

Sellers Use

Sellers - Maximize Property Value and Minimize Stress
  1. Market Efficient Pricing: Provide 10 price points instead of one list price; the market determines the final price. This likely results in a pricing better than the traditional real estate selling process
  2. Reduce Stress In Transactions: Our automated and structured process provides transparency to price negotiations leading to smoother transactions
  3. Test The Market: Sellers can list their property up to 12 months in advance and test the demand and pricing interest from potential buyers; this can also provide them an opportunity to find and spend only on the most important updates required by the buyers
  4. Option Fees: Sellers also collect option fees while they are waiting to sell the properties

Buyers Use

Buyers - Early look into the inventory and stress free buying
  1. Early Look: Buyers can get an early look into the properties yet to hit the market
  2. Structured Negotiation: Buyers purchase options at very low option prices (in most cases) to reserve a spot in the negotiation process that is far more transparent compared to the traditional buying process
  3. Reduce Stress: The combination of early look and structured negotiations leads to lower stress in the property buying process
  4. Options: Buyers can buy options on multiple properties and then choose one of those to exercise

Agents Use

Agents - View All Your Clients' Listings And Options In One Place
  1. Market Optimized Price: As a listing agent, one of the biggest challenges in the process is to get property owners to agree on a price; with 10 price points listed (as narrow or as wide you want), the agent and sellers do not get in to a tussle on the actual price of the property and let the market decide the price
  2. Manage Clients' Process: Agents can be added to every buyers or sellers account allowing them to manage all clients' listings and options from one dashboard. Invite your current and prospective buyers and sellers and get connected as their agent of choice
  3. Lower Stress: A streamlined process results in more predictability around property sales and price negotiations
  4. Engage Early: With the properties becoming available online up to 12 months in advance, agents can be in touch with their seller and buyer clients throughout the year and engaging with them early in the process

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