The Chaparral California

Climate of the Chaparral

Rainfall averages approximately 14 inches with a range of between 10-17 inches annually

Temperature ranges from 30° F to 100° F with an average temperature of 64° F

The chaparral is characterized by two seasons, a wet season taking place during the winter and a dry season during the summer

Net Primary Productivity

Soil is very nutrient poor and vulnerable to erosion

Endangered -Coast horned lizard

H-The Coast horned lizard is endangered due to changes to their habitat due to human development in nearby areas

The Coast horned lizard is found in the chaparrals of california. It is endangered because of urban development (H) within the chaparral that has lead to loss of habitat and food sources as well as the introduction of new predators to the area (I)

Invasive - Spanish Broom

The Spanish Broom was introduced into the chaparral after it was planted along mountain highways in southern California and rapidly spread to the surrounding areas

Animals of the Chaparral

The California ground squirrel

This squirrel is native to california and it thrives in the chaparral due to its ability to hide in the foliage and scavenge a variety of food from the ground

The coyote

The coyote thrives in the chaparral due to its ability to prey on the small rodents that inhabit the area. due to the extreme temperatures of the chaparral, they are often nocturnal

The red tailed hawk

The red tailed hawk lives in the chaparral and it uses its extraordinary eyesight to spot out small animals on the ground before it swoops down and attacks

Plants of the Chaparral

Acalypha californica

This shrub is native to the californian chaparral, it will go through periods of inactivity during droughts to survive

The Red Shank

The red shank is also a plant native to the chaparrals of california, it utilizes deep roots to maintain access to water throughout droughts


This shrub is one of the most common plants in the chaparrals of california, it is able to survive so well due to its resiliance

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