Fall Newsletter 2018

Fall Session Dates

Beautiful Beginnings in Wayne - Running until 11/19 (No class 11/12)

St. Peter's School in Philadelphia - Running until 11/19 (No class 11/12)

Sonrise Christian Day School in Linwood - Running until 11/13

Schwartz Preschool at Kesher Israel in Philadelphia - Turtles ONLY - Running until 10/31 Gymnastics will open to all classrooms with children 2 years of age and up in November

The Cambridge School in Ardmore - NEW SESSION - 11/7 - 1/9 (No class 11/21 or 12/26) Register @ care.way.com

The Children's Ark in Ardmore - NEW SESSION - 11/7 - 1/10 (No class 11/22 or 12/27) Registration information coming soon!

Green Woods Charter School in Manayunk - Running until 11/15 (No class 10/18)

The Aspen Grove School - Running until 11/30 (No class on 11/23)

Villa Maria Lower School in Malvern - Running until 11/16

Check out nationalkidsgym.com for more class information. Email NationalKidsGym@gmail.com to sign up today! We have a rolling enrollment, which allows children to sign up at any time during the session as long as the class is not full.

New System of Payment

No need to hand in paper copies anymore, all registrations will be handled online!

National Kids Gym is so excited to announce that we will be accepting electronic registrations in January 2019 (or sooner). We have partnered with Way Care to create an online registration system. You are still able to pay via check or pay online with credit card (2.2% processing fee will be added to your purchase). Stay tuned for a link to the website!

Skill of the Season: HANDSTANDS!

"An expert in anything was once a beginner" -Helen HayesI

In order to get better at handstands, we can start from the basics and work our way up.

Step 1: Start with a wall walk - get comfortable putting weight in your hands and being upside down. You can walk your feet as high or as low as you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Get closer to the wall. Walk your hands in as close as you can and keep your body straight. Only your toes will touch the wall - try not to rest your hips or knees on the wall. Squeeze your whole body and push through your hands.

Step 3: Practice your kick into a handstand on the wall. Start in a lunge and kick into a handstand on the wall. Again, squeeze your whole body and push through your shoulders and hands. Try not to rest the back of your shoulders or bottom on the wall.

Step 4: Work your body away from the wall. Try your handstand in the middle of the room. Do not be afraid to fall! Safe ways to fall: Tuck your head and roll, go into a bridge, or cartwheel your feet out of it.


Submit a photo of you and your child doing any of the handstand progressions by November 21st for a chance to win $40 off your next session! Tag @NationalKidsGym on Facebook or Instagram to enter.

Don't use social media? That's ok, just email us at Nationalkidsgym@gmail.com to enter the contest!

Winner will be announced on Small Business Saturday, November 24th

Family Wellness Tip

As a parent, you can't protect your kids from stress — but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve everyday problems. One way is to help your child take a mental vacation every once in a while. An article on understood.org suggested trying this tip: “Help your child visualize a place they find relaxing. Have them close their eyes and picture somewhere they really like to go, such as the beach. Ask them what sounds they typically hear there and what the place smells like. Then help them imagine the sounds of the waves crashing, the scent of the salt in the air, or whatever sensory details they described."

To learn more techniques for stress management, check out this article: https://www.understood.org/en/friends-feelings/managing-feelings/fear/8-self-soothing-techniques-for-your-young-child?view=slideview


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