Resemblance By - Alissa Gubbels

The April sunlight was a little brighter than normal today than any other day of the year. Today was a special day because today Jacob was moving to a new home. Jacob was moving into a house where there was another of his kind. He had overheard the farmer say that he would go to this new place because he doesn’t have the time to care for him and that he would be meeting another animal of his kind. Jacob was so excited to meet his new friend.

Lily didn't know that another duck was going to come in and join here in her beautiful box. But just like that, she realized that someone else had joined her in her box. He looked just like her. She had never seen anyone that looked just like her. She had only met her owner, a sweet little girl named May. She couldn't believe that there were people out there that looked like she did.

Lily and Jacob because their first day not seeing eye to eye because Jacob didn't care how messy he was and Lily was a neat freak. They verbally fought over how the house will look, if it will be messy or if it will be clean. So they came to a conclusion to split the box and each one would have half where the water and food was in the middle. It was their first time they can ever remember seeing someone that resembled themselves. They were in awe because they meet a resembling person but still disgusted because they were opposites.

The first month was pretty rough between the two ducklings. They didn't really communicate with each other because they never found anything to talk about. But the night when the moon shined up high above all the stars, Jacob decided to talk to her. He told her that they were stuck in this box together and so it would only make sense to at least try to get along with each other. Lily told him that he had a point and so the conversation started and never really ended. From this point on they shared laughter and tears over the stories that they made up because Lily doesn't remember any of her past and she doesn't really want to talk about her past and doesn't like to hear other people's past.

Jacob had never seen anyone that was more beautiful than Lily herself. He decided that today, exactly 2 months after they first met, he would ask Lily to be his forever. Jacob had tried to prepare for this moment his entire life. His heart filled with joy the moment that she agreed. I guess it's true when they say opposites attract. It was official Lily and Jacob are together forever, or so they thought.

The next night the moon was only a sliver like as thin as a strand of hair that produced no light at all, something happened that Lily nor Jacob never thought would come so soon. A raccoon had broke into the coop and broke into the box and murdered Jacob in his sleep. Lily never heard a sound and never even imagined that this situation would ever happen. In the morning Lily woke up and say that Jacob was gone and the box was destroyed. She got up and peeked around the box to see Jacob laying there dead. Lily broke into millions and trillions of tears. The love of her life was gone and she set out to find the killer.

Lily never got far out because May was on her way to go feed Lily and caught her and walked into the pen, cleaned up the mess that the raccoon left and put Lily into a new cage where the raccoon wouldn't be able to get her. May set Lily back into the reality that she was living in where Jacob would never be seen again. Lily never ended up seeing another of her kind ever again. It was just her and May from here on out.

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