Learning Journal Justice McCree

My name is Justice McCree i'm currently a senior here at the University of Oregon. I am an Ad Major and my focus in this field is Media Planning/Strategy. my goal for this class is to better learn how social media impacts the advertising world. With me being a Media Planner a class like this is very important for me and my career. I'm hoping that this class lets me get an understanding of everything social media can do in the world of advertising.

All ingredients needed to make breakfast scramble

Step 1. Cook Hash Browns they take the longest usually pop them i the oven for 15-20 Mins

Step 2. Cook Bacon and Sausage use pre-cooked bacon and sausage does not take as long to cook.

Step 3. Heat up the pan and add butter to pan let butter melt so the scramble doesn’t stick.

Step 4. While pan is heating up crack open the eggs and beat them in a separate bowl

Step 5. Pour in beaten egg into pan and add salt/pepper

Step 6. Add in Hash Browns break up

Step 7. Cut up Sausage and Bacon

Step 8. Add Sausage and Bacon

Step 9. Pour beaten eggs over Hashbrowns , Sausage and bacon

Step 10. Mix different ingredients in the pan until eggs are fully cooked

Step 11. Add cheese on top, cover the pan to help cheese melt

Step 12. Turn pan off and enjoy!!!

Snapchat: We used snapchat for a few projects this term, Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you take take videos and pictures and share them with your followers for a limited amount of time. This is a platform that I was already using, something that we did in class however that i had never done before was create your own filter on top of a picture. Below is the filter i decided to create based on the universal truth "early bird gets the worm".

Medium: Medium is an up and coming social media platform that allows users to combine text, and photos to tell a story or relate a concept to an audience. I used this platform to tell the career story of one of my favorite basketball players Dwayne Wade. I also used this platform to inform our class on the several different religions in our world and what some of the benefits of practicing these religions are.

We were also responsible for a research assignment, this was to research a disruptive idea and create a Pecha Kucha. A Pecha Kucha is a slideshow or presentation with little to no text and just photographs. Your slide or photo also has to be set to change automatically after 20 seconds. we were allowed to use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or any other presentation platform that will suffice for the assignment. My disruptive idea was to focus on the technological advances in the automotive industry. these technological advances include, driver override, autonomous vehicles, flying cars and several other things new to the industry.


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