J.Hash Talks: Take a Good Look! #IMNOTADB

I'm Not A Dead Beat is an organization designed to inspire, uplift, encourage, and to motivate men to be the best version of an outstanding father. IMNTADB will provide workshops and classes in areas of Resume Writing, Interview Etiquette, Job Application Submissions , Resources for Child Engagement, Assist in Quality Time with the Child/children, Custodial Rights, and more! Being a great father includes being an extraordinary man. One must strive to being a better man daily!

reĀ·flecĀ·tion noun the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. "the reflection of light" Synonyms: sending back, throwing back, casting back"the reflection of light" 2.Serious thought or consideration.

What do you see when you look at yourself? Do you see that there is room for improvement? Often times we can become complacent with life and where we currently are. We think that just because we accomplished a goal or task that the mark stop there. Well in my life reality has set in and the work has to begin. We are 60 days in to this new journey of full time parenting. I can say that it is an adjustment, but I surely do enjoy the ride. Today we will open up a little snippet of "JUSTIN!" I will personally be reflecting from the stand point if I want my child to do better I have to do better. In saying that I find in myself to want challenge Jamiyah in being better daily and to achieve at her highest potential. Examples will be with homework, manners, talents and gifts or anything she attempts to do in life. But reality is do I challenge myself at the same measure? Most of the time we want our offspring to do what we are capable of doing but not willing to try nor put forth the greatest effort to do so. Honest moment I have asked my daughter to perform and the peak of her abilities but I wasn't peaking my highest potential and giving full effort to my life. Do you think that is fair? Well reflecting to myself I didn't so I started to change habits and behaviors in my personal life so that what is seen and done would be applied and effective in my child's life. As Men we have to walk, talk, and live the life that we want our kids to live. If we sow negative deeds we will reap negative deeds, but if we sow positive we reap positive. So these next 30 days I challenge you to change your behaviors and mentality to how we approach wanting our kids to do something if we don't start with ourselves first.

"Valuable Time is better than money spent"

A simple activity we did together was Prayer jars. This was implemented to teach my daughter some values of Faith and Trust!
If you would like hints and tips of ideas to do with your child/children reach out to me at Truhash@gmail.com
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