Diary of a Wimpy Kid The ugly Truth By Jeff Kinney

Main Characters

  • Gregg Heffley- A naughty, selfish & tends to get jealous super easily, he tries to get popular & attract girls but it just gets him in more trouble
  • Rodrick Heffley- Greggs older brother, extremely lazy when it comes to school, but quite smart at manipulating people
  • Rowley Jefferson- Greggs best friend, has overprotective parents and does idiotic things
  • Susan Heffley- Mother of Gregg, she constantly embarrasses her children


  • Greggs house- his house is near the middle school
  • School- the hallways at school are frequently used during the book

Brief Summary

  • There has announced that she will be leaving for college & Gregg knows it will be a hard time waking up himself without her. There's no alarm to wake him up therefore he gets no sleep and he sets a alarm at school being sleep deprived.

Turning Point

  • No one finds out that no one knows that he pulled the alarm at the school


  • Evenutally greggs finally gets some sleep and isn't sleep deprived

Student Recommendation

  • I recommend it to any elementary student

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