Properties of Water By jayden caron

There are many properties of water. These properties include polarity, adhesion and cohesion

Adhesion and cohesion are also known as surface tension. Adhesion means the water molecules can stick to other substances. Cohesion means that water molecules can stick to each other

The following picture is a better example of cohesion. The water sticks together but when the paper is moved, the water doesn't stick to it. Instead, it slides around while sticking together

This is a better example of both. The water molecules stick to the penny, showing adhesion, and sticks together, showing cohesion

Polarity is when things can mix with water. The examples from the lab was the oil and the salt.

Salt has polarity, because it could be mixed with the water

The oil did not have polarity, because it did not mix with the water

The properties of water are significant to living things. One example is lily pads. Frogs like to go on lily pads, which are held up by surface tension

Another example of how the properties of water show up in nature is how some insects sit on top of the water

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