The House on Vaughn Hill Laura Goyette

Emeralds of the soul

Her eyes were the color of innocence. The color of luck, harmony, freshness, and rebirth. The green tones fit her happy self. But the greens in her eyes were even more brilliant when a contrasting tone, a red passion or an orange pleasure, was placed near the emerald windows to her soul. The same went for her personality; stability and creativity bringing out her acceptance and love for all the way coffee brings out chocolate flavor in a cake. The bright minty greens were striking to those she had never met, yet felt like home to the ones she loved.


When I was younger, the place used to scare me. Being there meant I would have to face one of my biggest fears in just a few minutes. Backstage, in the wings at Monty Tech, provided young me with several conflicting emotions. “We’re next guys!” “Break a leg!” “I have to pee so bad!” “Is my costume perfect?” We’re supposed to stand behind a red line so the audience in the seats below can’t see us backstage. When you look across the stage over to the other side, you’re blinded by the bright, hot lights that will burn a tutu if you’re not careful. And yes, I did find this out the hard way. But now, the first time I walk through the halls and into the wings backstage, it brings another feeling on top of OCD over costumes and hair, or excitement about the next dance we’re in. That special place brings a nostalgic feeling over me. Whenever I’m there for the first time since my last show, I’m reminded of how much progress I’ve made as a dancer, and simply how much I’ve grown up. It feels like an old childhood home revisited every few months in a new show. It’s a place I love being in and a place that makes me feel nervous and excited in the best way.


My name is Laura, but I guess I respond to Lauren as well. It’s what everyone calls me, naturally because Lauren is more popular in our society. Laura is to Lauren as Walmart is to Target. Although Laura came first, Lauren came along and surpassed it instantly, just like the amazing Target came along and left Walmart in the dust. My name is supposed to originate from late Rome and early Italy, when crowns made of Laurel leaves were used to crown victors of an athletic competition. This makes no sense. I’m NOT victorious. In all honesty, my name isn’t even victorious! Nobody can get it right! To make matters worse, my favorite cousin (out of the 30+ I have) is named Lauren. It can get very confusing at Christmas. But enough about Lauren. I don’t particularly like my name, as these days people come to know it as meaning “leaf”. Leaf, like something that falls off of a tree and turns a nice shade of red or orange for about 3 days before dying and turning brown. I wonder, if I am ever victorious in something, will it only last for 3 days before my life returns to being second to Laurens?

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