Rituals and Worship Reese, rushan, kenne, madison, whitney

Sacred Time

  • doesn't focus on creation but on "returning to the root"
  • time moves in cycles
  • cycles on nature are qi shaped by yin and yang and the five phases
  • to bring change one must first return to the beginning

Sacred Space

  • ritual space that is created by the Taoshi symbolizes the cosmo links between heaven and earth
  • sacred area is created just for rituals
  • ritual structure is a square divided into an inner and outer altar
  • north boundary has the presiding deities

Rites and Ceremonies

  • ceremonies last from two to seven days
  • rites have several stages
  • two main types of ritual: 1) funeral rites & 2) rites on behalf of local communities

Worship and Devotion

  • Taoshi priests= "Taoists"
  • Merged with other religions
  • Taoshi has an "office" where the household altar is kept
  • Taoshi do exercises in order to "keep the One"


  • symbols similar with Chinese religion
  • gourd=popular symbol; used to make elixirs
  • cave= container of mystery
  • forms of astronomy (sun, moon, stars, etc) derived from Chinese religion


Created with images by falco - "temple buddhism taoism" • Prof. Mortel - "Man Mo Temple, 1847-62, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (34)" • shankar s. - "Incense coils at Man Mo Temple, Tai Po" • Prof. Mortel - "Man Mo Temple, 1847-62, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (11)" • Felton Davis - "17-02-04 14 Eleonore Photo"

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