IKKiCON Art Show 2021 Rules and regulations (May 28-30)


  • All pieces must be of original media. (ie. marker, pencil, prints, oils, watercolor, etc.)
  • Prints must be limited runs of under 10. Color variants are acceptable.
  • All pieces must come in some form of protection. This includes frames, mattes, and hard plastic sleeves.
  • Artists or their proxies will be responsible for hanging their pieces at the art show. If artwork is overflowing into another panel, another panel purchase will be required or the artwork will need to be removed.

Artists will be paid via PayPal. Please take that into consideration when setting prices to cover processing fees.

Reservations are due May 14.

Panels are 4’ x 4’.

Friday morning will be first come first serve for available panels.

Artists not checked in by 10AM Saturday will forfeit their panel. No refunds will be issued.

Artwork can not be withdrawn until Sunday afternoon. If necessary, please make arrangements with the Art Show Staff about early withdrawal.

Artwork will need to be removed by 3PM Sunday.

IKKICON and the Art Show staff are not will not be responsible for any damaged artwork.

Anyone caught violating any of these rules will be removed from the art show and will be banned from future art shows at Anime North Texas, IKKiCON, and AnimeCTX.

The Art Show reserves the right to move any piece to live auction if needed.

After 1 PM on Sunday, artists are welcome to come by and check on the status of their art pieces.

All forms will be sent to pre-registered artists via email and will include bidding sheets and instructions.


  • For Sale 4’x4’ panels $10
  • Not for Sale 4’x4’ panels $14
  • Art Show Sale Commission 10%


If you would like to purchase art in the art show, you will require a bidder’s number. Please register with the Art Show Staff at the convention.

Biddable artwork will begin as silent auctions. Bidding will begin with the minimum bid set by the artists. Once three bids are placed, the piece will go to the live auction on Saturday night.

Quick Sale price can only be used to purchase the piece if there are no bids already.

The Art Show reserves the right to move any piece to live auction if needed.

All art purchases will need to be picked up before 1pm on Sunday. Payment must be made at time of purchase.

Purchases can be via cash or credit.


Each art piece will have an accompanying Bidder Label.

Which correlates to the Control Sheet to keep track of each artists pieces.


Original One of a kind, unique piece of art; done with physical media.

Limited Prints Can be called "Limited Edition". A limited print means there are a finite number of reproductions. Only a certain number will be produced; even after all are sold, no more will be made.

A color variant of a mass produced print is acceptable. It just has to be a limited number of that particular image.

Prints must be numbered (example: 1:10, 2:10, 3:10, etc).