From the Headmaster:

Quite a week! It might be one of those Deerstalkers where I leave the images to do the talking.

Much to look back on and enjoy. How about the First Steps children enjoying the Sunshine in the garden? How can I not mention the cross country team giving their all on Friday? Likewise, what an honour to see our indoor rowing team absolutely empty their tanks on a blustery Sunday morning.

We even managed to arrange for a lunar expedition.

I will let the images do the talking, but it is absolutely essential that I pass one comment.

Such events, activities and cherished moments that are included in this edition are made possible through good will and enthusiasm. To all of you, parents, colleagues and children who have contributed and encouraged this week, given up your Sunday morning, Monday evening, Friday morning or have battled through fatigue or enjoyed a most enjoyable parent social, thank you. Our school thrives because of good will and a shared desire to give of our best to all of our children.

Enjoy your weekend and stay indoors on Sunday afternoon!



Monday 10th February - Random Acts of Kindness Week

Tuesday 11th February - Safer Internet Day

Thursday 13th February - Kindness Assembly

Parent Teacher Consultation Meetings - 26th and 27th February

You are now able to book your Parent Teacher Consultation Meetings.

Please ensure you use your CHILD’S NAME on the form.

Please only make one booking for your child.

It is important that we keep to the allocated time slots during the evening. If you require further time with the teacher please make a separate appointment.

Unfortunately, this booking system will not send you a confirmation email once a booking has been made so please take note of the slot before you submit your response.

If you require confirmation of your slot or if any amendments need to be made please contact Kate Blower (kate.blower@parkhillschool.com).

IMPORTANT REMINDER - there will be no After School Care* or After School Clubs on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th February for children in Reception - Year 6 with the exception of those attending Drama Club which will still run on Wednesday 26th February.

The made up session for Coding will be on Wednesday 25th March and the made up session for Construction, Debate and Art & Design will be on Thursday 26th March.

Unfortunately we are unable to care for children while the meetings are taking place. Please ensure alternative childcare arrangements have been made.

* This does not apply to those children in First Steps and Second Steps who have already signed up for After School Care on Wednesday and Thursday *

Please click on the below link to book your 15 minute appointment.

First Steps

Second Steps


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 & 6

E-Safety - A (very) Timely Reminder...

It can be difficult to know how to start talking to your child about what they are doing online or who they might be speaking to. But talking regularly, like you would about their day at school, will help your child feel relaxed and mean that when they do have any worries, they’re more likely to come and speak to you.

As a school we work very hard with our children to make them aware of how to protect their identity and how to be safe online.

This is certainly one area of school life where the partnership between school and home is of paramount importance.

Listed below are some incredibly helpful links for parents to access to support the essential conversations and approach to take with e-safety.

NSPCC - talking with your children

Net Aware - Apps

Roblox - Advice Net Aware

Mr Peter Cowley is the Lead Advisor for Online Services and Safety, Achieving for Children and worked with our Year 5 and Year 6 children on Thursday and discussed with them how to keep safe online. He also passed on some additional websites that will be of interest to you -

Can you trust everything you read on the internet?

London Grid for Learning

And then one more for you. This resource is used in school to encourage children to read information carefully. The dangers of DHMO (read it carefully...)

♻️ Empties Please!

Park Hill are working towards achieving the Green ECO schools award. We currently hold the silver award.

Our ECO committee autumn recycling scheme is collecting empty printer cartridges. Please collect your bag from school and bring back when full to add to our brown collection box.

We are paid for each cartridge received. Alongside raising funds for our chosen charity we also earn green points which can be redeemed for ‘green goodies’ such as bulbs, hedgehog houses, toad hides and gardening tools, even sponsoring an endangered species of out choice and rain forest conservation projects.


The start of the school day is crucial.

It sets the tone for the day and teachers view the start of the lesson as critical in ensuring learning objectives are achieved and realised. Arriving late to school is incredibly disruptive for all. I appreciate that buses and trains and traffic all play their part but we do need your help in ensuring the children gain the most from their school day and that they arrive by 8.30am. Late children must be signed in through the school office.

Lost Property

Harris - Waterproof coat

Gabriel - Waterproof coat

Dominic - Maroon fleece


We would like to remind you that if your child is absent from school due to sickness (vomiting, diarrhoea and temperature) they must be clear for at least 48 hours prior to returning to school. You must inform the school office directly on 020 8546 5496 if your child will be absent that day.


The full uniform list can be found here.

Class News

Year 6 and Year 5

Park Hill Radio has gone live! If you are a Spotify user simply search for Park Hill Prep School to find our first set of broadcasts. Our first publications are the work of the Year 5 and 6 children who have each written and recorded their own stories. For those who are not on Spotify, please join the Park Hill Radio Broadcasts Room by using the code J73J5 in the same way you would join any other Showbie Room.

The children looked very grown up while taking part in the activities for Mental Health Awareness day this week. It was a reflection of the positive attitude towards new experiences that we have at Park Hill to see the children committing to the activities, including Tai Chi and Yoga.

In Design and Technology the children have developed their paper prototypes of their storage pouches in to final designs using felt material complete with a range of working accessories, including velcro, buttons and zips. Throughout the process, the children have been making frequent visits back to the drawing board to ensure their end product works as intended. In addition to the functionality of the final product, the children have been challenged to ensure the work is aesthetically pleasing to match the tastes of the end recipient. With their new found skills I am sure the children would welcome any opportunity to sew on any loose buttons or darn any old socks at home.

Year 4

In our penultimate week we have spent much time refining our story telling skills and boosting our ability to use our number facts with division and multiplication problems.

The ability to confidently use the times tables is essential to progress in many areas of the Maths curriculum and our willingness to knuckle down has been perfect. Aided by improving our recall of the seven and nine times table, the use of inverse method was applied to solving division problems. With a firm understanding of how we apply inverse method, we then set about attempting larger number arrangements to divide multiples of 10s, 100s and 1000s. All pupils excelled in this task, and were able to take their confidence in numbers to apply them in large multiplication tasks too; multiplying a single digit with three or four digits.

In addition to our division and multiplication challenges, we have also set about completing several Mental Maths challenges with the aim of keeping our skills fresh and building on our previous topics.

In our English endeavours we continued with writing our Big Write, which is continued from the previous week. Pupils have been supplied with imagery and a loose story line which they are developing and personalising, whilst applying their new skills in story telling.

To build on these creative exploits we also began planning a story or a recount from the perspective of a vulnerable animal who has encountered their worst fear. Seals met Killer Whales, Mice scurried from Cats, a pig hid from a wolf, and a Koala feared the loss of its home. Our stories are designed to challenge our ability to write about details from a story. This includes using fronted adverbials, and writing in the first person using the past tense.

Bacteria growths grossed out everyone in Mr Stevenson’s science lesson. Micro-organisms certainly did spread in the children’s mind as it did on the Petri dishes; to astonishing results! It was an important reminder how keeping good hygiene is vital to a healthier life.

On a similar theme, but perhaps without the Petri dishes, keeping our mind clean was an important element of our Thursday morning. The mindfulness activities served us with restful and calming thoughts through meditation, tai chi and relaxing painting. It played as an enjoyable moment to gain perspective on school life and what we regard important in terms of our goals and other existential thoughts. It certainly made me think, we must do more art.

One more week to go Year Four, you’re doing great!

Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed their week, from working on grid multiplication in mathematics to earning their Bunsen burner licence after a very exciting trip to the science lab. In art, the children have been developing their Roman motifs, making up their own printing block using polystyrene tiles. I look forward to seeing their results next week.

The children benefited from our Thursday mindfulness assembly where after a discussion from Ms Gardner, they could choose 2 different activities to try out to find what helps them feel grounded. From Tai Chi, yoga, breathing exercises to mindful drawing and painting. We already use mindful breathing and a chime to help us refocus when we change lessons in class and will look to develop these opportunities further as the year progresses.

Year 2

As you can see, we have a number of aspiring carpenters and engineers in Year 2. We made the most of the more pleasant weather on Thursday. Critically evaluating our designs and reflecting on how to I prove our designs proved to be a perfect way to spend our Thursday afternoon.

Equally as pleasing was the fact that I managed to retain all of my own digits!

In Maths we explored 2D shapes, naming and drawing regular and irregular shapes.

In English we have been studying Japanese story telling using illustrations or Kamishibai stories. We developed story boards and took videos of their performances.

Year 1

This week we became Lichen hunters, adventuring into the woodland wilds to discover one of our strangest, smallest but commonly found local plants. We discovered that lichen is both fungus and algae and grows slowly on old things.

We took close observations and photographs and the compiled Our knowledge into fantastic information books using book creator.

For mental health awareness week we have been taking mindful moments throughout the week to check our emotions, scan our bodies and find time to relax and reflect. Year 1 have become much better at remaining present in the moment. A true highlight of our week being TaiChi in the bark area on a crisp cold but sunny morning.

In science we delve deeper into the planets, beginning to make our Papier mache solar system, learning facts about the International space station and discovering what it would be like to travel to a different planet.

Would you like to live on the moon?

We went there this week through the magic of green screen technology and it was a joyous experience for all. Although we would not want to live there with less gravity and air we would like to see an Earth rise!


What an extraordinary week Reception have had! Our week started with a UFO crashing into our classroom! Can you believe it? 🛸😯👽🚨

The children couldn’t believe what they saw! As they entered the classroom Monday morning the classroom was a chaotic mess. The roof had caved in, the chairs were flung upside down it appeared our room was infested by aliens. They left some exciting objects behind with a letter explaining the mission: The children had to sort the items into magnetic and non magnetic groups so the items can stick to their planet. As a class we divided ourselves into teams and used the magnetic wands 🧲 to investigate and look for any missing clues that they had left behind. This week has proved many independent writing opportunities. It has encouraged letter writing, posters and signs to inform others to look out! The theme continued throughout Maths; alien themed addition, money exploration - sorting and ordering the value of coins. Homework task to follow.

Art linked to painting planets 🪐 an aliens that visited, whilst creating spaceships 🚀 using junk modelling. It has been amazing to see such a rich learning experience impact on their language and vocabulary. Words such as “vanished, “ “gigantic,” “plummeted,” “meteorite,” “satellite,” “fright,” “gasped.” We used some of them to make alien character profiles too!

Our grocery role play turned into a space ship and our children turned into astronauts for the week. We learnt facts about the nine planets and enjoyed listening to the solar system song. The children have been read the Aliens love Underpants books so if you have any at home it would be amazing if you can bring them in.

Both the children and myself have had SO much fun with all children. The theme will certainly continue next week. Watch this space! 👽👾🛸🚨🧲

Second Steps

Second Steps have had a marvellous, magical, magnetic time in class this week. We started on Monday by introducing the children to some of our new maths and science resources. The first challenge that we set the children involved counting how many coins or paper clips they could form in a row by using the magnetic wands. From here, the children’s interest and enthusiasm grew and grew throughout the week. We found out that magnets work in water and the children managed to lift objects submerged in water by using the magnetic wand on the outside of the container.

The children loved finding out which objects were magnetic and non magnetic within the classroom and found out some interesting facts along the way.

Another fun activity was to make a robot using a tin can as the base and adding features of bottle tops and feathers. The children stuck small pieces of magnetic tape to these objects to enable them to stick.

We have also had fun using magnetic shapes and a magnetic story-making board too.

Of course we have also managed to fit in our regular sessions of sport, French and phonics, so we have definitely had a fun filled, informative week!

First Steps

In this week First Steps, we carried on reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Children’s interest led us to make more maths activities in the class this week. We made different size heart shape printing, sorted out the objects by sizes. The children were really good at using mathematical language such as big, medium and small during the activities and showed good understanding of the concept.

At home corner, became ready for Valentine’s Day. The children took turns laying the table nicely and cooking for each other. We didn’t forget to saying kind words to make our friends happy.

For woodland school this week the children asked if they could wear their blue suits and play in the bark area. Making mud pies, playing football, throwing and catching, practicing our balancing and playing in the tyres.

It was such a lovely sunny day the children didn’t want to go back inside. We ended up spending half the morning and most of the afternoon outside.

As the children have been spending a lot of time playing with the doll’s and asking for tissues and wipes to clean them we decided to put the doll’s in the messy try for bath time, with lots of bubbles and laughter when the children decided to wash each other with the sponges.

Of course we couldn’t finish the week without cooking some porridge for Goldilocks and the three bears. At cooking session, children measured out the porridge oats and milk and observed how porridge oats changed dry to wet while cooking.

ISA Regional Cross Country

Indoor Rowing Championship

Parent Social - Wine, Dine and Quiz

I am not quite sure who won or who came where, but it was a most enjoyable evening on Friday. I do hope that you enjoyed the questions as much as I did...

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