Loraine Murphy kicked off her month’s duty as Organiser with the quaintly named “Three Little Pigs” competition which was to have been played on Europa on Saturday the 2nd. Unfortunately the Rain Goddess, not heard of much recently, had other ideas. These led to the day being cancelled before it began. A pity because the helpful arithmetical requirements would have tested many. Competitive play thus had to wait a few more days.

It seemed like the years had been rolled back when the time sheet for Tuesday 5th showed Greg Bacon and Roger Dew in the early morning slot. Once was when these excellent exponents of the game dominated the La Cala headlines. Reference has already been made to Roger’s remarkable recovery from an elongated health problem but it was the now slimmer lined Greg who stole the limelight in the first Stableford qualifier of the new campaign. 36 points off 7.1 handicap kept Simon Buddery at bay even though scores were identical. Cees Lagerwerf, who has been shunning the leaderboard of late, was third on 34. Unfortunately none were in attendance come prize giving time. Pity.

Fortunately the same cannot be said about the ladies from whose ranks, and not for the first time, Jill Davies sprang with her 38 points. Close behind, having walked the course with her electric trolley, came Caz Rosselli on 37, whilst Laura Thompson, nearing another birthday but as consistent as ever, registered 36.

L/r: Caz, Jill, Laura.

Monique has asked that we add something more to what was said in last month’s edition, and we are more than happy to do so, more or less in her own words.

“They are selling their house in La Cala to provide the opportunity to travel elsewhere. David Rogers has created our website and app as a personal challenge. He has not charged anything to the club as he sees it as an investment in his personal development. He forms a complementary team with his wife Rosemary, both knowing each others strength perfectly after all the years. He would like to receive more feedback from the members to learn what is missing and what is annoying, e-mail suggestions to david@tabs.me.uk. He likes to be challenged and seeks to try and continuously improve. How beautiful can mankind be!”

Another picture deserving of a second appearance but only to apologise for last month’s caption errors! Erling Johnsen to the right is correct! To his immediate left (in the picture) is his daughter, and to the extreme left is his wife-to-be whose name is Marta and not Carla. Otherwise everything was fine!


For the second successive year Peter Edstrom and Thomas Widegren, both Past Captains, had to accept defeat in the Final of the Mens’ Doubles Knockout, this time at the hands of David Evans and Roy Davies by 3 and 2. Conditions were not kind. A little rain, very strong winds, and temperature best described as cool.

L/r: David, Roy, Peter & Thomas.


One was brought up, as a gentleman, never to mention a ladies age, but a photograph like the one below tends to suggest this to be an out-dated approach. Indeed, as Scribbler, it is not unknown for the absence of such a revealing photo to be the source of miscontent.

Laura Thompson.

Unfortunately the sprightly breeze of the day rather ruined things by seizing one of the numerals a little later, it is reported.



Loraine’s brainchild for Asia, Saturday the 9th, has been milked to death by more than one previous newsletter. Tonto jokes have rolled off the keyboard ad nauseum. Objective comment on the format requires it to be mentioned that each player was allocated four holes on which their score had to be counted, whether they had any or not! There was no bonus if you did score, which seemed a little odd? It was suggested in my group that players should not be told when it was their turn, thus removing the pressure problem? Captain’s choice?

There was a healthy field with prizes, going to:

1st 88 l/r: Thomas Widegren, Jill Davies, Vivienne Youngs, John Brooks (on handicap).
2nd 88 l/r: Geoff Thompson, Wendy Hinds, Janice Marler, David Holden.
3rd 86 l/r: Loraine Murphy, Allan Fotheringham, Rob Garner, Pat Reid.

To end on an educative note Spanish speakers will know that “Tonto” means “stupid” or “crazy” in their language. It is also suggested that “quien no sabe” means “he who doesn’t understand things”, whilst the much used “kemosabe” is “idiot” in the Apache language.


Medal Tuesday is back. The first of the new series was on Europa 12th, when the serious stuff got under way, much to the delight of John Brooks who stamped his authority firmly with a commendable 68 nett. Make sure you keep next year’s date free, John? David Holden is less often seen collecting a reward but did so this time with his 70 earning second place, ahead of David Gilchrist, recently bereaved by the theft of his car, on 72.

John waiting for his confirmatory certificate!

There were seven disqualifications and an inexplicable 99 from Chris Slattery, behind which score there must be a story?

Caroline Bacon’s 73 edged out Laura Thompson on handicap, with Hazel Gilchrist, also showing no sign of her domestic upset, on 74. Good scores all.

L/r: Caroline, Laura.


Although a handful of bare male legs were to be seen it was really a day for wrapping up well on America, Saturday 16th when the welcome AM/AM format suggested that Loraine’s focus may have been more on arranging the night before’s erotic tapas bar crawl. Many have been recent cries for simple AM/AM’s yet, cometh the opportunity, the response was disappointing. Only seven groups, three of whom finished level on a modest 78 score, whilst the wine recipients were only marginally better. Certainly our team returned to clubhouse base convinced they had the worst score of the day, it coming as something of a shock when Loraine announced our names in third place. The other wine winners expressed similar beliefs as they lined up for the photo call. Full result details were as follows:

1st 82 points l/r: Jan Debrauwer, Wendy Hinds, Damien Murphy, Arthur O’Connor.
2nd 80 points l/r: George Kirk, Felima O’Callaghan, Wendy Fretwell, Peter Edstrom.
3rd 79 points l/r: Pat Reid, Mike Fretwell, Jack Perry, Jill Davies.


It is noticed that this French phrase is creeping back into our daily reading and, for no really good reason, prompts me to report very briefly on a Seniors match held here on Wednesday 6th. For reasons beyond our control it was not to be one of our better days as hosts. In addition to which we lost. To El Paraíso by 3.5 > 2.5. Our team, a disgruntled bunch for several un-reportable reasons, prefer anonymity on this occasion.


There were 38 qualifying Tuesdays between October 2018 and 2019. Those with most appearances were

Of the qualifying ladies, of which there are 80 in number, no less than 56 failed to achieve the minimum level of participation. Stats for the men were 73 out of 113. Interesting to confirm that you really need to “live” here to notch up your entries.


“The 2019 Seniors League Grand Final was scheduled to be held on the Europa course on 21st November. Unfortunately the rain that had been pretty much absent this year decided to arrive on that day to welcome 76 players, from as far apart as Baviera and La Canada, to La Cala.

There was much deliberation by the golf operations team whilst the players drank coffee in the clubhouse watching the rain outside become heavier and heavier. The inevitable result was an announcement by Flavio, delivered in his accustomed perfect English and Spanish, informing that the event would be cancelled and be rearranged for 11th December. Rain vouchers would be provided to any players who were unable to make the rearranged date.

Around 24 players indicated that they were happy to return for the meal at lunch time. The photos below demonstrate that for those that decided to stay it ended up being an enjoyable and wet day (inside and outside!)".

(ED. Thanks to Arthur O’Connor for his take on things, his hint of humour being commendable in all the circumstances.)

Some of our stalwarts.


Feeling a bit like Craig Revell Horwood it is hard to resist a return to grammatical matters in pointing out that there were two trophies up for grabs? Two chances to get your name on the clubhouse Honours Board. One for the Men and t’other for the Ladies. Having made the point let us press on to reporting on a day which, at one stage, looked likely to be weathered off, such had been the proceeding 48 hours.

Held on a qualifying Tuesday 19th it is proper to remember that the usual top three deserve a mention? Liisa Lindstrom’s winning score was a great 38, with Karen O’Connor 36 and Maddie Brooks 35 close on her tail.

Stuart Bewley had 37 to thank for his grip on the trophy, a grip challenged to the very wire by Pat Reid with a similar score but higher handicap. Chris Slattery, as ever, showed his class with another 36 points playing off 2.

Photographs were taken the following weekend and will appear a little later.


In the event it proved a nice enough day, sunny, a bit chilly, but no rain and definitely no buggies on the Europa fairways.

This is an important event in the year for the Captains embracing as it does both sporting and social elements. Dealing with the former first there were 15 groups but only one winning team. Those finishing 4 shots clear of next home were

1st 102 points l/r: Rob Garner, Felima O’Callaghan, Seppo Jaaskeleinen, Alison Kirk.

In prize-less second place came

With 98 points l/r: Gerry Rippinger, Peter Edstrom, Sylvia Robbins, Peter Penney.

On the entertainment side Dean Moore came up with the novel idea of using the Starter’s hut as a bar area! A bit cramped for those serving but it worked very well. Dean and Alison provided all the drinks, Monique the snacks, and La Cala the coffee. There was also a large box of Quality Street, Alison again, which proved a hit with those of a sweet tooth, like Richard Hinds, who certainly made a dent in the tin’s level. Denied the meatballs and sausage rolls because of his allergic restrictions was his excuse.

Everyone was in jolly mood, which will have made the Captains feel good, as can be seen in some of the photos which Judi Lentelink was able to take despite her drink and snack serving duties alongside Alison.

It may not have rained but water was not far away.
Nice to see smiling Gordon Edwards back for a visit (far left).
Two familiar off duty marshalls diverted from their golf by temptation.
Did Roy really clobber George’s head?
Rob Rosselli, he of the bad back and total swing, possibly linked, appears not to have a club at all?
A nice natural pose instead of the usual left to right smiles.

The main winners could not be more popular midst our ranks. One, Liisa Lindstrom always on parade, Stuart Bewley less so but a lovely player and good humoured soul. Liisa, now 75 and proud of it, has been with the club over ten years and was thrilled by the knowledge her name would now be up in the clubhouse. Her little speech was appropriate and well received.

All the prizes and winners on parade l/r: Derek Steele, Pat Reid, Stuart Bewley, Liisa Lindstrom, Karen O'Connor, Maddie Brooks.

All participating received a bottle of wine, with the trophy winners also getting a bottle of cava each.


This important meeting will be held in Salon La Lorca, La Cala Hotel, on Monday December 9th. Registration from 4.30. Starts at 5.0 pm; Full details from the Secretary – geoff.thompson7650@icloud.com - if not already in receipt of his recent Announcement.


Hearty congratulations to Rafa Nadal and his team for winning the first ever new format Davis Cup in Madrid.

An incredible day for Jon Rahm who did the double in Dubai, went home with over 5 million euros but, more emotionally important for him, his name on the main trophy. Only the second Spaniard after Seve Ballesteros. A terrific performance.


The death of Clive James at the age of 80 came as no huge surprise, considering he had been fighting leukemia for years, plus living life to the full for the most part of his time on earth. However, it does mean the end of his writing within which he managed to combine insightful comment with great humour. He was no slouch on the television either? As someone who has spent his life combining business, career building, active sport of most kinds, and endless hours of amateur scribbling, one can but mourn his passing and say a quiet ‘thank you” for his contribution to our education and entertainment.

Clive James.

Jonathan Miller’s curtain has dropped for the last time too. Another remarkable talent in contrasting fields. Having never aspired to be a doctor or actor there is not quite the same inner bond, but that doesn’t stop one remembering his achievements with great admiration.

Jonathan Miller.


Erling Johnsen and Iain Macaulay are the Dolce & Gabbana of La Cala GC., brushing aside the years and always ready for a bit of gentle raving, as this recent pictorial evidence illustrates.

Host Erling (l) with Guest Iain (r).

Others pictured at this pre-festive “bash” were

Marta & Erling.
Pauline Moody & Karen O’Connor(r).
Monique Peters & Pearl Fisher.


Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.


Not quite but almost in the Perry home. Lilian’s macula degeneration in her only working eye presents any number of short distance problems including, said he facetiously, an inability to accurately target my own eye drops! These are but part of my ‘postoperative palpebral surgery treatment”, some of which came to an end today coincident with the removal of stitches, However, eye drops of two types still need to be found a home four times a day for another three weeks. Meanwhile the whole thing has triggered some rather frightening blood pressure levels so “Take it easy” remains in place for now. This particularly applies to physical activities, hence no golf for a while, and is thus limited to glass raising and keyboard tapping. Visually one has been told that my face looks as though it has just gone ten rounds with Sonny Liston, and emails addressed to “Dear Henry Cooper” have been received. Timing of the procedure could have been better because we now miss out on the Turkey Trot, for the first time we think, but hope to manage a report before shutting down this issue. To finish on a light hearted note it should be acknowledged that Guisantes verdes Congelados have played a considerable part in swelling reduction.


Tuesday 26th on America to be exact, with most scores of a respectable nature, not least by the men. Rob Garner led the way with 38 off his 4 handicap. Mr. There or Thereabouts, AKA Geoff Thompson breathed heavily down Rob’s neck but had to settle for second on handicap. Damien Murphy, nursing a dodgy knee, soon to be operated upon, did well to notch up 37 in the circumstances.

Isabella Rippinger is a name to conjure with and a face well known on the prize giving rostrum. Her 35 points will ensure her being the subject to camera attention at the weekend. Maddie Brooks 34, and Jill Davies 33, followed her home.


Hot off the press comes early news that Mike Tunnell’s eagerly awaited Christmas rendition is climbing the YouTube charts already. Members are encouraged to support this ascent, learn the lyrics, prepare for the kareoke season, and boost Mike’s burgeoning reputation as an entertainer. The imaginitivly titled “Christmas time is here” by 2Old2Rock2 looks set to be a hit.


To meet our deadline, and for very understandable reasons, this issue is short of some potentially interesting reports. These include “major” social events like the winery visit to Ronda, the ladies’ “esoteric tapas tour”, the sight seeing day out in central Málaga and one of the highlights of every social calendar – yesterday’s Turkey Trot, golf, lunch, party! Not being of the appropriate gender to attend a couple of these, and being physically indisposed and unable to support others, meant that commentary was beyond your Scribbler’s reach. It is a great pity because the content of these reports, both text and photographs, is bound to be colourful, readable and viewable, especially given the skills of the main creator. So, November ends abruptly here, but we can look forward to some meaty stuff next month.

A very Happy Christmas everyone.