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“I can’t wait until we get out there”, said James.

“Yeah, me too”, Bob replied as the bus pulled up the ski resort. Mr. Evans stood up and started handing out the ski tickets. When Mr. Evans got to Bob and James he said, “Stay safe kids”.

“Yeah, we know”, said James as they ran off the bus.

“All teachers care about is safety”, replied Bob.

“ I know, right? It’s not like we're going to get hurt or anything”, said James. They got their snowboards from the bottom of the bus and walked quickly to the hill.

“Want to start with the big one?”, asked Bob.

“I don’t think so, I’m not very good”, said James.

“Come on you big baby it’s not that big, you can do it”.

“Fine, but we have to go slow”.

“Okay, sure” Bob said as he started to put on his snowboard. They started to walk over to the ski lift. James looked up at the hill and realized it was much bigger than he thought it was. As they got to the ski lift the guy that was helping people get on said, “Hope you little kids know what you're doing”.

“We’re not little kids”, replied Bob,”we’re 12”.

“Okay, let's go”, he said as he pointed to the chair approaching them quickly. They hopped on unprepared when the chair reached them. On they way up, James looked over the side. “Dang” he thought, “that’s a steep hill”. After about 4 more minutes they finally got to the top. Bob explain to James how to get off the ski lift. James got off ok, but fell on the lift dismount. They started securing their loose foot into the snowboard binding when a teenager rode past them and said “Watch out kids”.

“What a loser”, Bob said to James. They stood up and started down the hill. Bob got out in front of James before he said, “Wait up”. Bob slid to a stop as James caught up. On the way down, Bob went over jumps and rails as James just went straight down, falling every once in awhile. The older kids zoomed by them one after another. They reached a 2-way path and decided to take the path where the other kids weren't going, not seeing the Do Not Enter sign nailed to the tree. After a while, Bob started to notice that nobody was passing them, and loose sticks were in the dirty snow underneath them. All of a sudden the hill got really steep. They both tried to slow down but it was too icy. They were going really really fast.

“I can’t stop!” yelled James. He looked up and noticed it was very dark. All the lights were out up ahead.

“Try to fall and that will stop you”, James heard Bob yell right before he heard him crash into the hard snow. “Aghhhhhhh” Bob cried out in pain. James dove into the ground, pain screeching through his back. After a minute of laying on the ground, James realized that his snowboard was down the steep hill and had come off. He stood up, trying to forget about the pain in his back. Then he started walking up the hill, looking for Bob. It was nearly impossible to see him in the dark forest.

“Bob, where are you, are you ok?” He yelled, fear in his voice. No reply. He yelled again.

“Bob”, he heard moaning farther up the hill. James started to run up the hill yelling,

“Bob, where are you”, he took out his phone, turning on the flashlight, pointing it all over the ground. He heard some more moving as he stopped to take a break, tired from running up the steep hill. He quickly ran to where he heard the noise. James saw Bob’s bright orange jacket and kneeled down to roll him over.

“What hurts?”, James asked in fear.

“I can't feel my body, I think I landed on my back”, Bob said very quietly.

“You're going to be okay. I'll call for help, just stay still.”, James reached for his pocket, feeling for his phone. All he could fell was the cold inside of his coat.

“I left my phone back there, let me go get it”, James told Bob as he ran back to get it. Luckily the flash light was still on so all he had to do was find they bright light. He picked it up and his heart stopped. The battery was at 2 percent. He clicked on the call app and dial 911. After 1 ring someone picked up.

“Hi, this is 911, how many I help.”

James yelled in the phone, “Were stuck in Snowboard Kings, on hill……”, the phone went black. “What? No, it can’t be dead, not that fast?”. He ran over to Bob. “Do you have your phone? Mine is dead”.

Bob shook his head slowly, his face seemed to show more pain every time he moved.

“Okay, can you stand up, you too big for me to carry?”

Bob shook his head again. “Go get help, i'll stay here”, Bob told James very softly.

“I can’t, you will freeze in this cold weather”, James said to Bob.

“You can do it, I will be fine”, Bob ordered James, “You have to go”.

“I will be right back”, James yelled to Bob as he took off sprinting. He ran back up the hill. Tired after only a couple of steps. When James finally got to the 2 way part, 15 minuets later, he felt like he was about to die. He started running down the main hill as skiers were yelling at him to get out of the way. 15 more minutes later he got down to the bottom of the hill. He ran to the building where there was a big red cross on the top and words that said MEDICAL BUILDING. He ran up the stairs and through the door, stopping and the front desk. He told the person what had happened and that Bob needed help right away. They told him to go wait outside while they got the snowmobiles ready. James ran out there waiting. The longer Bob was alone the more worried he got.

Finally he saw to snowmobiles approaching him. They told him to get on and show they were they had gone. They got up the hill much faster than when James had ran down and were up there in 5 minutes. They stopped the snowmobile and jumped off when they saw Bob laying of the ground in the headlights.

“Are you okay?”, they asked Bob. They lined down and started to ask him questions.

“What hurts?”, James heard one of them ask. After a couple more minutes of them talking, one of the medics walked over to James with his head down and started to say,

“We think he is paralyzed”, those were the last words James heard before he blanked out in fear.

“Wake up James”, James opened his eyes to see his mom standing over him. She gave him a big huge. Then James remembered Bob.

“What happened to Bob?” James asked his mom. His mom sighed, tears started to run down her face.

“He’s, he's paralyzed” his mom started to cry even more. James jumped out of the hospital bed and ran out of the room. Then he realized he didn't know which room Bob was in. Just then he saw Bob's parents in the lobby. They looked like they were crying all night long. He walked over and asked them where Bob was.

“He’s in room 5, down that hall”, Bob’s mom pointed to her right. James walked over to room 5. He opened the door slowly and walked in. Bob was watching Tv. He looked over when he heard the door open.

“Are you okay” James asked

“Does it sound like i'm okay?”, Bob said. James walked over to him and gave him a hug while he said.

“You're going to be okay”.

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