Gel Electrophoresis By:Ethan, Sarah Grace, Laura Beth, Becca, and Emily

Creation of the gel:

Placing Gel in Chamber
  • We heated the 1% agarose and buffer with a magnetic stirring bar and hot plate.
  • We then allowed the agarose to cool and poured it into the gel mold.
  • Once the gel was poured, we placed a comb into the 'negative' end of the mold, to be able to create wells into the gel.
  • Then we placed the mold into the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Loading the gel/running the gel:

Preforming the eletrocphoresis
  • We poured in buffer solution until it covered the gel mold and the electrophoresis chamber.
  • We took 5 samples of DNA and placed them into different wells of the mold.
  • Next, we hooked up the chamber to a positive and negative end to begin running the fragments of DNA.
  • We ran the electrophoresis chamber for a 20 minutes to get the DNA to flow.
  • Once we were finished with the chamber, we placed gel on to a weighting boat and poured dye on the gel in order to stain the DNA bars.
  • After that, we put it into the refrigerator to cool the gel and prevent it from losing its shape and to ensure that the DNA does not become displaced.

Taking Measurements

  • After about 24 hours, we took out the gel and measured the distance that the gel had traveled.
Preparing the Gel to be Dyed


Lanes -

1-0 mm








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