EllieHulun's Weekly Headlines Dec 4th-23rd

Boston Bound Baby

On Wednesday Dec 7th we set out on our adventure. I was strapped into my car seat and off we headed to Atlanta. It was a 4 hour drive with one stop to fill me up and change me. We then arrived at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. What is an Airport? I've never been to one of these!

Daddy dropped me and Mommy off at the front with all our stuff... 2 suitcases my diaper bag, the pump, Mommy's purse, the stroller, the car seat and the base, oh and don't forget me! We found a nice little table to sit at as we waited for Daddy's return. Once Daddy got back from parking the truck we checked our bags and got our boarding passes. We were then sent to wait in a long line. In this line people were putting all their stuff in these bins, they had to take stuff out of their bags, take their shoes off, It was quite a process! Then it was our turn... Mommy had to hold me and all our stuff had to go on the belt. So that left Daddy to break down everything. Mommy had to get her hands swiped for bomb making materials while holding me and then the milk had to be inspected. Mommy was told she should have put it in a separate container after being told to leave it where she had it... I tell you these people sure made things difficult for Mommy and Daddy! Finally the milk was all cleared and Mommy and Daddy gathered up all our stuff and we headed to our gate.

Waiting at the gate
Do I count at a carry on?
I'm going to get on one of those?

It was time to board the plane. I had my very own seat! I'm not sure how this big thing is going to fly us to Boston but supposedly it is... It's bigger than Big Bird but it's not a bird or duck however it does have wings, just no feather. So off we went. We took off into the air and we were flying! I was a good baby on the flight, I played a little, napped a little and sat on Mommy and Daddy's lap a little and then before I knew it we were in Boston.

Score! ... I get the window seat.
Chilling with my binky, being a good girl.

After a long day of traveling we had just a little bit more to go. We rented a car, a Toyota Rav 4 to be exact. We needed something bigger than a car to fit all our stuff. This kid does not travel light, what can I say? I've gotten use to certain amenities. So from the airport it was an hour drive to Salisbury Beach where

We made it to Boston

Nana Patti and Aunt Rachel were waiting for us. Boy was I tuckered after all that traveling, 4 hours of driving to Atl, 2.5 hour flight to Boston and then an hour drive to the Beach. I slept well that night!

Thursday the 8th we went to visit my Great Nana! I've never met her before her. She was very nice! She bought me presents and told me I was very cute! I tell you, I get that everywhere I go. Daddy says if he had a dollar for every time here heard how cute I was we would be rich! He also thinks I should be he next Gerber baby. Anyway we had a nice visit and lunch with My Great Nana. I also got to see Aunt Kate, and Aunt Shelia.

Well hello Great Nana!

It's very nice to meet you.

My Great Nana is 93 yrs old.

Say Cheese for the camera Nana!

She loves me πŸ’•

The Farley Ladies
4 Generations
Hop in for a picture Daddy!!

Friday the 9th we went to Salem Massachusetts and I learned about the Salem witch trials of 1692. That sounds like a long time ago! I enjoyed the museums and during the presentation I thought it was funny to make growling sounds... it added to the spooky-ness of the whole thing πŸ˜‚. We then walked though a cemetery where the Judge from the Salem witch trials and a passenger form the May Flower were buried. Daddy almost lost his leg while we were there as he ran right into a metal rod that was sticking 2ft out of the ground... he was not happy 😑. It was pretty cold in New England, so no need for Daddy to Ice his boo boo. We then went to lunch at the Lobster Shanty. I met 2 lobsters there and then Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Rachel ate a lot of lobster. Mommy and Rachel had the lobster mac and cheese and Daddy had the lobster roll. Mommy even had the lobster Martini! Kind of cruel eating all that lobster when my two lobster friends where just sitting there in the tank. I spared my lobster friends and had the usual ... good o' yummy milk!


Lunch at the Lobster Shanty

The Lobster Martini 🍸

The Lobster roll and lobster Mac and cheese.

Triple D...

My Friends Lenny and Lucy... hopefully they have more baby lobsters. Because Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Rachel ate all their friends.

Mommy and Aunt Rachel give it two thumbs up! πŸ‘πŸ»

Well I do have some Irish in me πŸ€... Just trying to make the Farley's proud πŸ˜‰.

Note: Mommy and Daddy want everyone to know I did not really drink beer... I just liked the feel of the cool glass.

A quick stop on the beach for some photos

Dinner Later that Evening...

Mommy had the Lobster... Larry the Lobster.
Daddy had a huge seafood platter
I was not in this photo because I was sleeping near the cozy fireplace.

Chilling after dinner

Saturday the 10th we headed up the coast and I hit up two more state... New Hampshire and Maine! It was a pretty drive with lots of big homes right on the ocean. We even stopped to see a light house. Well I stayed in the car with Nana Patti because it was freezing! We did a little shopping in Maine and then on our way home stopped in New Hampshire for dinner and what do you know?... More Lobster. Everyone (well everyone except for me) had lobster rolls at a great little place called The Beach Plum. They are apparently voted the best lobster rolls in all of New England, they also had yummy ice cream.

The lighthouse

Shopping in Maine
A moose in the store
Daddy is modeling this hat for Mommy

Dinner in NH at the Beach Plum and what do you know?... more Lobster!

"It's a LABSTA roll". My best "bastan" accent...

What is this?

Maybe I can eat this lobster?

Hanging out with Nana Patti after a long day of shopping

Sunday the 11th morning Daddy brought Aunt Rachel and Nana Patti to the airport then we went back to the city later that afternoon. We attended the Kennedy Museum and then headed to Quincy Market for a little shopping and then to have Dinner. We had dinner at this small little restaurant called Neptune's that claimed to have the best lobster rolls in Boston. So after Daddy had 3 different lobster rolls he said they were all good but Neptune's in Boston was declared the winner!


How we bundle up in Boston

In front of Cheers in Quincy Market.

The big Christmas Tree πŸŽ„

Another tree


Cheers to us!

I get to enjoy my dinner 1st

And another lobster roll for Mommy and Daddy

Dessert! When in Boston one must have a Boston Cream Pie

Monday the 12th we flew back to Atlanta. We thought we now had this whole airport thing down packed but Mommy had to get her hands swabbed again and the milk still had to be inspected and then apparently this time they wanted ALL electronics out of the bags... however no one told us. So that led to Daddy's bag being inspected where we had the iPad. Anyway, just a little annoying hiccup we had to deal with. We ended up spending the night in Atlanta so Daddy could get a good night's sleep before heading back home.

Waiting to board
Bye Bye Boston

5 Months Old

Saturday December 17th I turned 5 months old! So for my 5 month old birthday Mommy and Daddy took me to Charleston! ... Just kidding 😊. We did go to Charleston but not for my monthly birthday. We ended up meeting Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie on their way to Florida. We headed down to Charleston where we went for a nice walk, browsed the market and then had a wonderful dinner at Blossoms. Man, I can't wait until I can eat all the good food Mommy and Daddy get to eat! They've started feeding me some things like oatmeal, bananas and summer squash but I don't know about that stuff πŸ€”. I thought I maybe liked the squash but now I make a yucky face with that too... Want I want to know is, when do I get the steak and lobster???

More pictures in Charleston

After dinner we walked around for a bit and then headed back to the hotel where Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie had presents for me 😁... I like presents! They got me this cute little jingle bell reindeer, and two Christmas books.

Sunday we headed back home. It's been a lot of traveling for me. I almost need a vacation from our little vacations. But everyone wants to see me so what can I say?... I must go! (and I don't mind all the attention πŸ˜‰).

All Visitors Welcomed

Dec 20th - 22nd Aunt Martha came for a visit! We had fun. We exchanged Christmas gifts, she liked to hold me and march me around. Her and Mommy went to a paint and sip and then we all went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo. It was a fun little visit.

More Pictures

Gift from Aunt Sue, Uncle Semon and Alex

Play time

Some Videos

Rolling over on the regular now

Growling at Nana

Playing with Daddy

Opening up presents with Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight!

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