Chocolate Milk By: Letisia Hernandez

Many people would say that chocolate milk is a really bad healthy choice for children. Many people would just say "by banning chocolate milk the kids would start drinking white milk." Do you really think children would drink white milk? I think they wouldn't drink white milk because they have two options, of bringing their own beverage or drinking water at school.

My first reason chocolate milk should be served at schools is because, many children don't get chocolate milk at home, and some of them just get chocolate milk at school because, its the only place they get chocolate milk. For example one student at Merrywood Elementary said " the only time I get chocolate milk is when I'm at school." According to a survey at Merrywood kids from third, fourth, and fifth grade were asked to take one. After every student was done with the survey, Mrs. Jarrett told us how many kids voted for chocolate, strawberry, and white milk. For chocolate milk they only voted 73.6% and for strawberry only 13.8% voted for strawberry, finally only 12.6% voted for white milk.

My second reason chocolate milk should be severed at school is because, it gives better vitamins than soda, juice, and especially sport drinks. For example chocolate milk is much more healthier than sport drinks even tho people say that sport drinks are very healthy. Also chocolate milk has a lot of healthy and good vitamins such as vitamin a, eye sight, and stress factor, and much more good vitamins. This is why chocolate milk should be served in schools!!

Here is the back of the chocolate milk carton. It shows the Nutrition Facts of the chocolate milk.

In conclusion, kids would actually drink milk if its a flavored milk like chocolate milk. This is proven and shown by the new research that kids would not drink white milk they will rather drink water or bring there own beverage to school. However, many students would not drink white milk at schools. So please keep chocolate milk at schools!!!!


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