SugaFit’s Representing Our Brand Rep Program Details

What’s in it for you? Lots of Sweets!
Our brand reps are a unique part of the SugaFit family. So if you’re chosen to represent our brand, we consider you part of our inner circle.

What does that mean? It means you get insider knowledge about all the goodies coming up for SugFit’s brand, a generous product allowance, exclusive discounts for your friends and family members, opportunities to guest post on our blog, or create videos for our upcoming YouTube channel, plus the opportunity to earn commission from sales and wholesale opportunities you bring to our brand.

Brand Rep Types

As a brand rep, we need you to be responsive with your followers, on social media and on our upcoming blog. You will share giveaways, contests, model searches, blog posts, etc. on your social media accounts, blogs, and channnels.

From there, the rest depends on what kind of rep you are. Check out the information below to see what you’ll be doing.

Instagram & Facebook


  • Sign SugaFit’s brand rep contract
  • Purchase 4 products per term, at least one being a Suga Scrub
  • Use SugaFit products, at least twice per week.
  • Post new / different lifestyle pics of yourself (and/or your kids) with SugaFit products at least three times per week:
  • Pictures will need to follow Instagram guidelines ( See: How to be a brand rep)
  • Be an active part of our brand communities on social media


  • Up to $50 in complimentary merchandise each term ( 3 months = 1 term )
  • 30% discount for personal use only
  • 20% discount to share with friends & family


  • Sign SugaFit’s brand rep contract
  • Using our blog subject guide, create new / different blog articles once a week & submit them for approval and publishing.
  • Share blog articles and/or link with your friends and on your personal blog.


  • Up to $100 in complimentary merchandise each term ( 3 months = 1 Term)
  • 20% discount for personal use only
  • 15% discount to share with family & friends


  • Sign SugaFit’s brand rep contract and buy 2 products per month, at least one being a Suga Scrub.
  • Post new / different lifestyle pictures of yourself (or your kids) with SugaFit products, at least once a week.
  • Be an active part of our brand communities social media.


  • 25% discount for personal use only
  • 15% discount to share with family & friends
What do you have to do?

Quite simply, you must love the brand you represent, you must own at least one product prior to being chosen, and you must be an active part of our brand rep community on our social channels.

What does that look like?
Well it looks a lot like this:
  • You post clear, beautiful lifestyle photographs of you (or your children) with/using our products once a week.
  • You post the pictures you take to the SugaFit team’s Dropbox account.
  • You purchase the required number of products to your agreements with SugaFit Shop.
  • You comment on pictures, challenges, questions and comments posted in our social media groups for both brand reps and customers.
  • You keep things positive inside of our growing communities.
  • You share your friends and family discount with people who enjoy our brand.
  • You help us promote our sales, brand rep searches and model searches.
  • You help us to promote our charity events and initiatives.
  • You sign all paperwork including the model release form, non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement.
Picture requirements
  • You or your kids have to be holding or using our products in the pictures.
  • Your pictures need to be clear at least 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels in size.
  • Your pictures should be free of filters (so no filtered Instagram pics please)
  • The more unique the picture, the better the chance that we’ll include it on the site.
  • You must upload your pictures to the brand rep Dropbox Account online.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for people who are passionate about our success, and who feel connected to the brand overall.

Before we had a brand representative program, we had passionate, loyal supporters who would help us out for free. These people are now official brand reps and content managers for our company, and as we grow they’ll be the first to be offered #SugaSquad gigs inside of our marketing, web design, customer service, and art departments.

We mean it when we say our brand reps are our family so we’re looking for people who bring a lot of energy, excitement, and innovation to this role, but we understand it’s a two-way street.

We appreciate our brand reps and want to help you out, so if you’re working on something interesting and you’re looking for some support, just reach out.

We’d love to hear all about the stuff you’re working on, and help however we can.

Our brand:

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