In Defence of Bella Thorne by Izzy Rolfe

Bella Thorne has found herself emblazoning many headlines this week after her online feudwith Whoopi Goldberg. Thorne - Disney actress turned movie actress, author, poet, singer,director and model - has been in the process of advertising her new book ​The Life of aWannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. ​The poetry collection has already been a number one bestseller on amazon for weeks; despite being unreleased. Overcoming her dyslexia once again, Thorne pens a personal book, uncovering her personal struggles, relationships, and wild-child lifestyle, all with her trademark wit and wisdom.

However, an anonymous hacker attempted to undercut the star’s success by threatening to release her topless selfies, taken on her phone and solely intended for her boyfriend. In a powermove, Thorne chose to release the pictures herself on Twitter, writing ‘it’s MY DECISION NOW’ and ‘I took my power back’ in an accompanying note. This brave decision was sure to be a source of controversy, dividing the opinions of her fans and others alike, but by taking this decision she shown that the illegal actions of others should not outweigh her success.Whoopi Goldberg weighed in with her opinion during an episode of ​The View, ​contrasting the other presenters who commended Thorne, by saying that if you’re famous, you shouldn’t take photos like that and then be surprised when you get hacked. After essentially laying the blame on her, Thorne took to her instagram story to call out Goldberg. Crying, she reasoned that her photos were taken exclusively for her boyfriend, and that no person deserves to be violated by having their intimate pictures stolen. She, in turn, condemned Goldberg for perpetuating the culture of victim blaming, drawing the comparison between her words and blaming a woman for being raped if she chooses to wear revealing clothes on a dance floor. Thorne, a strong advocate for equal rights, said Goldberg’s comments were ‘disgusting,’ and had induced her to feel violated and shameful herself.

Whilst I’m a strong believer in freedom of expression, I think any notion that Thorne has done anything wrong is a dangerous message broadcast to young people. Nude pictures are bound to be common in our technological society. Nobody should feel that they do not have bodily autonomy, and this should be true for everyone, celebrity or otherwise. I have a lot of respect for Bella’s choice, as against our modern backdrop of revenge porn and social media influence, she brings refreshing strength. She proves that there is nothing to be ashamed of in asserting your sexuality.


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