Korean orphans helppers by Tre'Vius laster

Civil Assistance Officer giving candy to children at a refugee collecting point.

After the Korean war many children were left orphans by their parents deaths or by being separated. Our goal is to be a loving home until their families find them or they get a new family. We take any child no matter why they are left. Even through the government does no support this belief. The government believes in only pure Korean and support violence to children that are not "pure".

We take any donation you can give. we are also taking volunteers to past out candy to refugee points near us in west Korea. We do this to cheer everyone their up. Many have little beside what they have on their backs.

At the Home we many lessons to help the kids with the trauma of war. It can take many years for them recover. Luckily we are open 24/7 for anyone in need.

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