Ana garcia's crime case#6890 by diana tobon

Ana garcia (the victim) was found in her house on august 14 by her vecino in the morning.She was found dead & examined by 11 am. Doug (the neighbor that was in love with her ) called the cops. Doug told the cops that the dog was parking for 4hrs in the morning and found it suspicious so he went to go check it out. At the crime scence there was found evidence.(foot prints, pills, syringe, hair, vomit, orange juice, blood, wine , a fallen table, and the vicims body,)Unknown substance vomit , may have a disease , headache ,dizzy , nausea may had cause the vomit

There was suspicions that Alex (ex husband ) was the one that killed her. Ana and her bestfriend had an argument about there busniess . Alex's new wife, Erika piedmont was found parked out side Anna's house.

blood splatter 90 degree :drop height 74 cm :straight down: matches table
alex garcias finger print as found in the crime scene EVIDENCE , the finger print was found in the wine glass alex garcias was on the crime scene the night before
aspirin was found at the crime seen also.
we did a hair analysis on every one that was there and was found suspisious . it was a blonde hair that belong to anna (annas hair is acctually brown )
dna analysis

*gel electrophoresis *blood sample from crime scene * match anna garcias blood

autopsy report had a bruise on her elbow had no scrathces nor wounds had swollen ankles had no fractures

Conclusion : This evidence shows that anna garcias cause of death is a natural cause. Because she had no fractures no scratches nor brusing around her neck. she also had no poision in her drink so no one killed her. She could of had died of a hit to the head it was a major concusion it was so bad that it did internal damage that made her fall and choke on her own vomit .


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