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Living In God's Story Series

As we move through our lives, we often have questions about God. Where is this all heading? What is God up to? Where do I fit in? What’s my place in all of this? As we begin a new year, we are excited to remind ourselves how big the story of God is, and how that story can answer some of those big and difficult questions we have. Let’s look together at God’s story as it’s been unveiled in the Bible and how we play a part in that story.

Join us for worship at 10AM!

Message: "The God Who Seeks"• Pastor Mary Hulst • Genesis 3

This week, Rev. Mary Hulst will be taking a look at Genesis 3 and teaching about a God who seeks. We will explore ways that we try to hide from God, even though our attempts are futile. But amidst our sin and shame, God continues to seek us with a love that doesn't require us to hide anymore. Join us Sunday at 10am in person or on Zoom!

We are thankful that we have been able to worship both in-person and virtually for the past few months. We remain committed to maintaining a healthy space where we can continue to worship together. We will continue to host services in-person for those of you who prefer the in-person worship experience, but will also maintain our Sunday morning Zoom feed for those of you who are unable to be with us in the building. Whichever way you choose to be with us, we are grateful for your participation! Join us on Sundays at 10am!

We are using the same link each week: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86799658645

Can't make church at 10AM?

Welcome to our guided worship collection. In these links, you will find songs, scripture, and a message from current weeks, and also weeks past. All of this content will be matched up with the worship that we will be doing together on Sunday mornings. We understand that gathering together at a certain time, whether that be in person or on Zoom, isn't always realistic for everyone, but we also believe in the importance of participating in worship regularly and consistently. We hope that this provides a space for you to worship God regularly and consistently in the times we can't be gathered together. If you would like to hear recordings of previous sermons, go to www.egm.org/egm-sermons.

Are you looking for ways to connect gospel stories with your kids at a time when normal childhood programming isn't available? Check out our family activity guide, which has simple and easy activities that make it easy to communicate the truths of the gospels to your kids!

Giving at Evergreen

Evergreen continues to work diligently to serve our people, our students, our children, and our community despite difficult circumstances. Like many businesses, families, and organizations, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus put churches in a difficult financial situation. If you would like to give financially in the weeks in which we are unable to gather, you can do so by clicking this button:

4 Corners Offering

This series, our corners offering is for the ARC Project. The ARC Project is an organization with chapters in Holland, MI and Jacksonville, Florida that cares for students from the inner-city by bringing them to the beach, teaching them surfing, water-safety, and sharing the promises of Jesus with them! We are so grateful for the work The Arc Project does in our community!

Evergreen Spotlight

The ARC Project is a non profit organization dedicated to share the love of Christ, instill hope, strengthen faith, and encourage life to its fullest by bringing people with various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds together through the gift of surfing. We aim to benefit the communities we serve by providing opportunities for youth to get outdoors, get active, learn lifesaving water safety skills, and how to surf. In efforts to reach our mission The ARC Project provides:

  • Surf Camps for organizations working with at-risk youth free of charge!
  • Water Safety Education for participating youth, schools and organization.
  • Relationships between youth organizations and caring adults from the community.

Evergreen Small Groups

We all walk through life yearning to be known, valued, and loved. By spending time with people who are willing to get to know us deeply and purposefully, we allow those relationships to create radical growth and change in our faith. Evergreen has several small group opportunities to explore this fall! If you are interested in any of these in-person or online communities, click the link below.

We're excited to be able to host AA and other recovery meetings at Evergreen again. AA Meetings resumed onsite on December 21st. For updates on Family and Friends Meetings and Bridge to Life Meetings, check out our Bridge To Life Facebook page. For more information, you can get in touch with Rob Janke at rob@egm.org.

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