The Case Of The To Hot Apple Cider.

OMINOUS - threatening menacing

These cloud look OMINOUS.

CONFOUND - confuse bewilder

This maze is CONFOUNDING.

MISERABLE - uncomfortable unhappy

This kid is miserable.

GRACIOUS - courteous sociable

This animal looks GRACIOUS.

BEAMS - smile

This girl is beaming.

self-assurance - confidence

He as self-assurance.

MONITOR- watch observe

This camera will monitor the door.

EXPOSED- uncover

They exposed my secrets.

INSTALLED- connect fit

The worker installed the solar panel.

LOOMING- threaten

This lion is looming.
Created By
Taylor Boucher


Created with images by RonPorter - "outer hebrides coastline scotland" • PIRO4D - "labyrinth target away" • blueMix - "child crying kid" • PublicDomainPictures - "seal grey animal" • Pezibear - "child girl blond" • sasint - "rush boys outdoor" • 3dman_eu - "camera monitoring monitor" • picjumbo_com - "balance inspiration motivation" • 3dman_eu - "white male 3d model isolated" • Sponchia - "lion portrait animal portrait"

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