Ryan Examples of my Photoshop Skills

In this photo, I zoomed into the image and cropped out the sides, Which ended up making it a close up of the mother and her son.
In this photo, I turned all of the gray color into a much more brighter selection of colors causing the image to end up with this bright style.
In this photo, I moved the order of the globes around and switched the globes around on the layers panel which makes the blue globe go behind the golden globe, instead of it being on top of both like it was in the original photo, then I added a glowing effect around the sides.
In this photo, I changed the hue and saturation to a more darker color creating the flower pop out more with the back round having a darker tone.
With this one, I took away the wood grain back round, and put it into the words, giving them a wooden like style to the font.
In this photo, I replaced the blue color of the door, to a red color.
For this image, I Messed with the hue and saturation to give it a more brighter look to it, then I added an effect onto the image giving it this static like look on the picture.
For this image, I took out the scratches on the upper part of the image, then I also added another bird, so now the upper part of the picture is more clear, and has another bird too.
This is my movie Poster, I photoshoped me and Lil Yachty on top of the weird wavy purple back round and I added a curve effect on the title making it look the way it is.

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