Package Design Summative Project



Innovative Designs

With this package design, I thought it was very innovative due to the connection between the product name and the packaging. The product is called "Bloom" and packaging is a blooming flower, making it very clever. The packaging grabs the costumers attention, and helps brand the product.
I really admire this package design. It's very clever and consumer friendly. The designer considered the costumers and their use of pasta. He took a common problem of pasta packaging, and found a solution for it. By using this packaging, this package can instantly stand out among other brands.
It is always very important to be able to communicate what the product is to the customer, at a first glance. This design was definitely able to do so. To package the Pistachios and emphasize the crunchiness of the pistachios, the designer packaged them in a pistachio like shell. Considering the user experience as well as the function of the package.

Sustainable Packaging

This packaging is the perfect example of sustainable packaging. This container is cellulose-based material that's 100% biodegradable. In the container, there is a freeze-dried meal, by pouring hot water in the bowl, it expands and you are able to eat from it. This relates to my product as I would like to use that same material for my product. By using cellulose based material, I am able to package products like peanut butter and jam as well as the material being eco-friendly. Saving the earth, and appealing to a specific type of consumers.

Exploring Colour Palettes

The Colour palette I chose, is the Nut butter & Jelly palette. It seems to be the most suitable to my package design.

Nutrition Labels on Peanut Butter and Jam Packages

Labels Used on Packaging

All of the following symbols have been used on my package, to match my ingredients list and nutrition facts.

Design Process



Compositional Drawing

Final Template and Design

Final Product

*Note: Colours faded away as I was sticking my product together


The package I chose to make, was a Peanut Butter and Jam package, in a foil squeezable packaging. Split in two, to create maximum optimization of both ingredients and easiest use. I had to create something that included both ingredients, without compromising the flavour of either. My inspiration for this packaging, was to create a package that can be used to make a PB&J with the least amount of effort possible. Making a peanut butter and jam sandwich can take a lot of effort, with taking out both jars, spreading it out, putting both jars back in the fridge, then washing the knife used. By creating my packaging, all you have to do is uncap both sides squeeze and spread. I was also inspired also by my organic ketchup packaging (Bodacious Tomatoes), it's ingredients and use of colours, as well as the material used. Some design problems I had, was finding a template that could fit the design I had in mind. I wasn't able to find a fitting template, so instead I created my own. Another design problem I came across, was creating a design that is simple, but was able to communicate the idea that their is peanut butter and jam in the package. I solved that by splitting the design colours, to match the colours of peanut butter and jam, including the colours of the caps, to make it easy to identify, which is which. The coolest part about creating this packaging is the process. I've had this idea for quite sometime now, I just didn't have the skills to create it. Being able to create this package from scratch, and seeing the final product in the very end, is the coolest part about this project and Graphic Design in general. Finally, with the skill, I will definitely explore package design even more. I really enjoyed this project, and enjoyed exploring this aspect of design, that I have not explored before.

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Nada Mohamed

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