Tremendous Weekly Content Review 01-17 -- 01-23

Hi all! This week brings us more outstanding content from some of the best content producers in the business! Don't believe me!? WELL! Just you wait and see non-believer!


2DSICK is up first this week and man what a great content provider to start off with! This week he brings us a speed painting video of his Warriors of the Dark Gods. THEN he shows us that not only do we think he's a great painter, but Avatars of War do as well. They have showcased some of his work on their site. EXCITING!

Genephelps of WARGAMING FROM THE BALCONY are up next with a humbling thank you video for hitting 500 subs (CONGRATZ!) as well as another high quality Battle report! I mean... its only a 6000 point battle. No big deal! ... I'm kidding, its unbelievably awesome! Stop reading and go check it out!

Extol is up next bringing us another highly entertaining Battle report! In it his Sylvan Elves do battle against the Warriors of the Dark Gods. No matter the outcome, Elves will die, which is a win for all of us!

Blonde Beer!

The Big Man, BLONDE BEER of the Orange Road is up next and brings us a couple great new videos. In the first one he goes over his thoughts on the freeze and since he has the unique perspective of his position in T9A its a very good video to watch! I liked it! Then he gives us 3 really fun battle reports and goes over his first army! THEN (No he's not done yet!) he gives us a video asking for our help in designing a list for him to take to a tournament. Blonde Beer always delivers!


The Vermin King brings us a bunch of great new Battle Reports this week! In them his Swarms take on Filthy Sylvan Elves and Stunty Dwarves! I really enjoyed these reports! You should too! GO! NOW! GO ENJOY THEM!

Rasmus 7814 brings us a fantastic battle report where the Warriors of the Dark Gods take on the Vampire Coven. The undead put up a hell of a fight in this report which makes for a really great report! Check it out!

Dark Wizard Gaming brings us a Battle Report as well in their usual polish and amazing detail. This week Dark Wizard's Dwarves take on the Warriors of the Dark Gods. Needless to say, this game is close combat cocaine for those of us that love it!

A Favorite of mine is up next with Mittierim! This week he brings us narratives the likes of which only he can bring! I found myself lost in his storyline and couldn't wait to see the battles that come from it. If you love fantasy, you're going to love this guys stuff!

I'm up next! Lord Tremendous! WOOT! lol! I had kinda a bad week. I had two more great games that I was going to do reports on... but the memory card they were on got destroyed.... a voracious semi-domesticated fur ball I call a Dog got ahold of it and there was no saving the data... I am ashamed. However, Luckily for me Vince Ventruella had me on Warhammer Weekly where we talked over the Freeze and a few other things that are the glory of T9A. We laughed, we cried, and there was a lady giving me the stink eye the entire time. It's great!

Dark Sky brings us an very intellectual article about the magic phase. In it he goes over his thoughts and how he plans to move forward with the magic phase. It's a solid article! Go check it out!

This next guy might have posted the coolest article all week. Petterwass went into the Homebrew section of the T9A forums. The Homebrew section is where fan made armies lie. One of the most popular ones is "THE VOID" made by Gnomes2169. Petterwass brought it to life this week and its simply amazing. Kinda inspired to make my own army come to life.

Axol of Mr.Axhol (on You Tube) brings us his first 2 games from a tournament he went to. DEFCON. In it the Dread Elves go after the Saurian Ancients in a knock out drag out fight before taking their rage out against some Vampires! Very cool reports!


Raffazza of Slann Rat Radio Podcast is up next with another episode! This week the Slann Rats talk about their thoughts fresh from the UK's first Masters tournament! Super Enjoyable!


Speaking of GREAT Podcasts! Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCK podcast brings us a new episode this week as well! In it they also talk about the UK Masters as well as how "bent" the Saurian Ancients are. Definitely Enjoyed this one!

And that's going to do it for this week's Content! Didn't I tell you it was awesome!?! Well, in case you forgot, I did. you're welcome! Not stop reading this and go finish absorbing all the amazing content! HURRY! There will be much more next week! THANKS!

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