Leanardo da Vinci By brian manchester

Leanardo da Vinci was born on 1452. He died in 1519. He was born in Vinci Italy, he died in amboise France. He was famous for art, science, and inventing.

In Leanardo da vinci's child hood he moved to his fathers family eastIt when he was five. Leanardo da Vinci was raised by his father. He lived with his uncle and grandparents.

Leanardo da Vinci had a education of reading writing and math. But he had a lot more talent with art. When Leanardo da Vinci was 14 he bacame an apprentice. He knew other skills like metal work, leather arts, carpentry, drawing, painting and sculpting.

Leanardo da Vinci was known for inventing, being an artist, and for being a scientist. He started to invent things when he was a little boy. His sketches were hundreds of years after his time. One of leanardo da vicis best art work is the Mona Lisa.

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