Death by doctor By: Christa-Mari de Lange

Dr Farid FaTa

Oncologist from Detroit, United States of America

July 10th 2015: sentenced to 45 years in prison at South Carolina's Federal Institution
Unnecessary Administration of Chemotherapy and Radiation
All assets claimed by state: set up $13 million restitution fund for victims.

"There will never be justice"

Michigan Hematology Oncology Centre,
Treated 17 000 patients over 9 years. Used phony "European Protocol" to explain unusually high doses of chemotherapy. Treated sick patients with incorrect chemo or under treated them to prevent recovery.

American Medical Asso Principles

Solicited kickbacks from healthcare and hospice centres. Double involvement in money laundering. $34 million worth of exaggerated medical care claims fall under 13 counts of "buyer" insurance fraud.
Internal Controls
"Proactive" Preventive Policies: rules and regulations implemented by state and health insurance firms.
"Back-up" Detective Policies: auditing and investigation of medical care centres by insurance companies, independent auditors or hired Special Investigation Units (SIUs)
"Major scams appear to be artfully designed to circumvent routine controls and may remain invisible for long periods. When they are discovered, it seems often to be more by luck than judgement." - Malcolm K Sparrow

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