Stephen Busie Music A vivacious fusion of Blues, Soul, and Rock influenced by the famous musical stylings of John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Ray Charles.

“I am forever impressed by the Stephen Busie Band! It's nice to see the younger generation is keeping this music alive!” – Dana Teasley , Ocoee River Jam music festival organizer
“Hands Down Incredible Live Show! Can’t wait to see Them Play Again. Amazingly Talented.” -Kale Carter, Fan
There are some bands that you listen to and enjoy their music -other bands are best when watching live performance. The Stephen Busie band is different. Whether it's a classic, or the latest original, Stephen Busie and his band, both recorded and live, mesmerize their audience. I'm confident that soon, very soon, the question of "who are they?" will be irrelevant, as everyone will know this group and their music. -Steve Yuzenko, Black Bear Festival Coordinator.
“Awesome set last night at Dixie Tavern!!! Great meeting you and the band. You and the band sounded awesome !!!” – Barry Richman, Barry Richman Band
The Stephen Busie Band, aside from being a phenomenal live act, is also the guage by which all other local bands should be measured in terms of hard work, talent, and downright geniality. Stephen Busie is an extremely talented songwriter with a backing band that only lends slidarity to the passion and creativity that shines through every recording and live show. This is a must-see band! -Jake Sane, Moon Eye Music Hour Podcast.

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Roots Acoustic EP

  1. What We're Made For
  2. Pillow
  3. I Just Want You
  4. Tryin'
Photo Credits: Mark Herndon Photography
Stephen Busie _ Lead Vocals/Guitar
Zach Pugh _ Drums
Sean Tyler Southern _ Keyboard/Guitar

Stephen Busie has been perfecting his artistry on the guitar, piano, vocals, and songwriting for over 15 years. With as many as 100 gigs per year, Stephen Busie has made appearances at nationally recognized festivals and venues such as Riverbend, Cherokee Brewfest, The National Cornbread Festival, Dixie Tavern, and Songbirds. Despite a full-time job and family of five, Stephen Busie maintains a dynamic schedule playing across the Northwest Georgia and Tennessee area.

Upcoming Show

  • 6.21.19 - The Social Chattanooga,TN. 10p / Acoustic.
  • 6.27.19 - 1885 Grill Chattanooga, TN. 6p / Acoustic
  • 6.29.19 -The Westin Chattanooga Sky Bar Chattanooga, TN 7:30p /Acoustic
  • 7.11.19 - 1885 Grill Chattanooga, TN. 6p / Acoustic
  • 7.27.19 - Ocoee River Jam / Full Band
  • 8.29.19 - 1885 Grill Chattanooga, TN. 6p / Acoustic

Booking Inquiries

  • Contact: Natasha Busie
  • Email: TheStephenBusieBand@gmail.com
  • Phone: 706.618.1257
  • Website: StephenBusieMusic.com
Created By
Natasha Busie

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