Hairdressing Maeve o'hanlon

Skills to become a hairdresser

I would like to become a hairdresser. The skills I need to have to become a hairdresser are the creativity to design hairstyles, customer service and people skills, awareness of current fashions and trends, an understanding approach, willingness to learn new hairdressing techniques and methods

Tasks you have to face during the day

During a busy day at the salon as a junior hairdresser I will have to greet customers, shampoo hair, simple cut, make sure towels and supplies are ready to be used, keep the salon welcoming, clean and tidy

As a senior hairdresser I will have to be able to shampoo and condition hair, cut and style, colour, perm or straighten, make appointments of handle payments


As a trainee hairdresser you are usually paid the minimum wage A hairdresser starting out will only get paid £14.00 an hour. And experienced hairdresser would get paid between £14.00 to £20.00 an hour A highly experienced hairdresser will get paid up to £30.00 an hour

Working hours

Normally full time hairdressers work up to 40hours a week, the usual start is 9am and closing time at 6pm this might change due to late night or busy day, Saturday tends to be the busiest day of the week, part time hours are also different and won't be as much as 40hours a week

What hairdressing can also lead to

Hairdressing can also lead to you becoming a salon manger, teaching hairdressing, making wigs, working with famous people on films, tv programs and in theatres etc


You can do full time courses to become a hairdresser at collage You can achieve level 1 hairdressing with no GCSEs. You can achieve level 2 hairdressing with GCSEs D/E And achieve level 3 with A-C GCSEs

Job family's this career will lead to

Hairdressing is part of the artistic family. You are they type of person who likes art and design, crafts,playing music and writing. in a team project you will probably have lots of ideas or get bored and go off and do talent may work in the following jobs like acting, journalism, photography, musician

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