Stonewall Jackson Jackson M.

During the Civil War, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was an important Confederate General. In addition to being a general, Jackson was named a hero for his many achievements in battle. Stonewall Jackson has become an important historical figure from the Civil War.

Thomas Jackson was born January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, Virginia (now West Virginia). His Father was Jonathan Jackson his mother was Julia Neale Jackson. He had two sisters, Laura Ann Jackson and Elizabeth Jackson. He also had two brothers, Warren Jackson and his half brother William Wirt Woodson. His family struggled to meet ends. Jackson grew up helping his uncle. He went to school as often as he could, but mostly taught himself by reading borrowed books. He got his college education at US military academy called WestPoint in New York.

Stonewall jackson's home.

Stonewall Jackson achieved many things in his lifetime. He graduated from West Point 17th out of a class 59. Jackson also got his nickname “Stonewall” from the first battle of Bull run or (the First battle of Manassas) by one of his soldiers named Barnard E. Bee jr. Also he got promoted from Brevet General to Lieutenant general in the army. He died about a week after he was shot 3 times in the arm at Chancellorsville. He was shot by his own men accidentally after he was spying on the union troops. He acquired pneumonia as a result. He died May 10, 1863 in Guinea station,Virginia .He was buried in Lexington, Virginia. His arm was buried in Ellwood manor, located in orange county Virginia.

Stonewall jackson's grave.

I chose to do Stonewall Jackson because I am actually named after him. My real name is Jackson. I think he was a very brave man to fight in battle and even be a general in the battles.


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