Implementing Strategies for Educational Success Week 10

This course has really improved my understanding of the barriers different student populations face as well as what we, as student affairs professionals, can do to facilitate their learning/success. I was shocked this week to learn that an estimated 60% of college students in the US will be non-traditional. This reinforced just how important it is to provide resources and spaces for students that fall into the constituencies we discussed throughout the class. However, our newest challenge will be how to engage these groups of students in online education, which is increasing rapidly in the US. I am skeptical, especially for older generations, of the access to online education and how they can succeed. While it is definitely conducive to families, full-time jobs, and other outside commitments/responsibilities, I wonder how many older students would feel comfortable completing their degree online. As a professional in the field of higher education, I am very excited and curious to see what the future holds for my career path. I foresee many changes to our current system, particularly in the realm of financial aid and costs. This is due to the outcry for more affordable options, which is forcing colleges/universities to re-think recruitment and retention efforts.

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