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Addiction. The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Addiction varies for everybody, for some it's drugs, alcohol, sex, biting fingernails, you could go on forever. Those are the "normal" everyday addictions. But, in some extreme cases, like shown in the TLC network's television show "My Strange Addiction", addictions include but are not limited to: huffing gasoline, eating sand, bathing in bleach, drinking human blood and a woman eating her husbands ashes. But luckily those cases are much more rare than the "normal" cases listed above. Most people have something they are addicted too. They are mainly addicted to the activity or item because it provides the comfort or an adrenaline rush. For me, mine is fishing, my Dad introduced me to the sport. For me it allows me to get away from the problem that I may face.

People in your everyday life may be struggling with addiction. They may want too quit, but literally can't. Why? Sometimes addiction starts as a habit and then leads too addiction. There is a difference in a habit and an addiction. A habit is done by choice. Habits are something that your body or mind does not necessarily need, but it tells you that it wants it, you then choose to do the activity or use the item. Addiction on the other hand, is when an item has become a physical and or mental component of a person's everyday life. People who are addicted to certain drugs or something like cigarettes, have become so accustomed to having that item in their life that they have to have it or they can't function.

Benzoylmethylecgonine (cocaine)

Addiction may drive a person to insanity, especially if the activity or item they are addicted is doing harm to their body. Addiction can lead to a person harming them self or others and may even lead to the person killing them self. It can be hard on the brain and mind if struggling with an addiction. But most of the time if they get depressed, which addiction can lead to, the person usually resorts to doing the activity or using the substance, which makes the problem even worse.


Over 500,000 people are addicted to heroin. The reason that so many are addicted to heroin is because of the price and availability. In most large cities heroin is readily available and cheaper than a 6 pack or beer or a pack of cigarettes. Over 440,000 people in the United States are addicted to crystal methamphetamine. Both of the listed drugs can have effects on your brain and appearance. Both are highly addictive and readily available.

Addictions may start because of a loss, a friend introduced them to it or maybe the person came into contact by accident. Addiction is usually not healthy or considered normal by some groups of people in society. Addiction is not easy to get over, but it can be done. You can't just say that you are gonna get over an addiction. It will take time and it will take willpower, but it can be done.

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