Sports day in QATAR Noura AL-Ghanim EVER-BODY is active...

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Qatar , especially because the climate is hot lots of kids love to participate in swimming championships mostly the sports day national swimming team .

Football or Soccer is the most played sport by boys in Qatar. Its a very active sport that moves the legs mostly , that's why lots of the boys are fast . The game is made up of a ball two teams nets for each team and two goalie's . Qatar also won to be the host of the 2022 football championship.

Qatar has played a big role in the 2015 handball championship it was the counrtry that tournament was held in and it created the awesome song "LIVE IT" it represented the 24 countries that participated in the tournament.

Falcon training is a traditional sport that is played by the men for entertainment and this sport is very typical and its played mostly in the desert some people like to time the speed of there falcon and some are training there falcons to aim for small birds and catch them .They race dogs threw big fields and see there speed and strength by the way the dogs are very friendly as you can see .

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