"The Black Consumer Experience" Presented by: Hiyah Intellect Apparel

"Welcome to "The Black Consumer Experience" where we focus on the consumer & cultural trends of our community. Why? Because at the end of the day, we're all somebody's consumer. I'm Porscha, your host & spiritual streetwear dealer and I've come here to raise the vibe to a HIYAH frequency." - Porscha
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We uphold the integrity of the brands we discuss on this segment. Our objective is to help raise awareness of the quality products/services offered within our community. It's an open dialogue where we can talk about increasing economic empowerment while sharing our experiences as consumers.


AIRS "1/22/2021" 8/9PM EST

Join host, "Porscha" for a LIVE talk w/ Chef CJ AKA "The Traveling Chef" and owner of "NoahJos.com" for a talk about his most requested dishes, healthy food alternatives & 30-day "QUIT LIST" challenge. Don't miss this HIYAH INTELLECT talk on WDRBmedia 8/9pm EST

"We are the voice of the community"


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